A topic for those with "sleep paralysis"…?

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I’ve experienced this “sleep paralysis” many times
and I found it incredibly frightening…
it feels as if something is holding you down on the bed…

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I’ve experienced it as well… I have my own take on what it might be. It’s not psychological, as far as I’m concerned.

J. Cricket

If it’s a woman then your good to go.


Yes, I had it just yesterday when I took a brief nap (chemo day) and I agree it can be frightening.
Why this happens is that your brain sometimes has difficulty switching from one sleep phase to another, maybe because of medications, anxiety, or being excessively tired.
Anyway, we normally experience paralysis during REM sleep (unless one suffers sleep disorders) and when you have an episode of sleep paralysis, your brain has simply glitched a bit where you are still asleep and dreaming, but have the sensation of being awake. The dreams at this point are called hypnogogic hallucinations.
It’s possible to have sleep paralysis upon wakening without dreams. This is just another glitch and your brain soon realizes that you are awake, thus ending the paralytic state.
While it can be very scary, it’s nothing to be frightened of and is perfectly harmless. If you are able, attempt to move or speak and that will bring you into a state of wakefulness a little more quickly.


i think its mainly scientific not religious. its said that your body has ceased functioning (sleeping) and your brain is still awake so that is the problem. this leads to many other complications like heart failure and such cause many people tend to react so much about having this event. they freak out and tend to have high blood pressures and high heart beats and palpitations while their lungs respire at a normal basis because again it is sleeping while your brain is awake. therefore this could lead to oxygen deprivation to heart problems, not to mention delirious hallucinations and the likes, mainly concerning on vivid colors to loud voices but that’s only in your head…^_^.
the best way to deal with this is become calm and wiggle your toes until your awake. after which you should jump three times as to sync your body with your mind and then go back to sleep.
problem solved! hope this help (^_^).v,,
ps. if you do not sync your body and your mind you might again experience this sort of phenomena after minutes of going back to sleep.
i’ve experienced this myself too y’know. with vivid and bright hallucinations too… very frightening…


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