A TMA practictioner challenged me?

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So anyway I was out with my gf(<3 her) and then out of nowhere some n00b TMA dude challenges me to a fight. he had trained 16 years of martial arts. first studied Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo and Shotokan with some Goju Ryu and Judo. The school then decided to teach only Goju Ryu Karate. The instructors decided to do something different with their lives and moved one to bigger and better things. He's now learning Hapkido. The school incorporates not only Hapkido, but also Aikido, Judo, Taijiquan and Hapki-Sool. Taijiquan is taught both separate and incorporate. He's also learning Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage Ryu and Toyama Ryu Battojutsu, Japanese swordsmanship. Unofficially, He's also studied Hung Gar Kuen. He's passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga (Taoist, Hatha and Kundalini), and Dim-Mak/Kyusho-Jutsu. I also practice Qigong, Kikou, and Zazen. Outside of martial arts, he's passionate about music and often play the piano and guitar. he also loves watching anime and playing video games. he's also devoutly Christian.(LOL @ religion). So anyway he charged at me going "SANNNNNN" but I slipped his punches with meh boxing skills. I then got him in a MT clinch and started doing knee strikes. he was getting ROFLStomped. He however managed to get out my meh mt clinch and we exchanged punches and kicks. twas like DBZ when SSJ goku(me) fought frieza(him). I then did a leg sweep and he fell on his ASS. I then got him in a rear naked choke and he passed out. Victory was mine Questions: 1.)Why do people still train In TMA? 2.)Why did this guy attack me? 3.) Why do I whoop every TMA person I fight? 8 years of BJJ(black belt) 18 years of boxing 6 years of muay thai 10 years of wrestling 24 years old

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Oh honey. Your girlfriend doesn’t really love you or even like you! She is going out with you on a dare. The guy attacked you because like I said people are mean and viscous to people like you. Humans can smell sickness on other humans and we instinctively will attack sick people to try to remove them from the world. Now the very best thing to do is to hurry up and kill yourself!


Hey! Thats the same ending as Bambi!

Sensei Scandal

Yo Momma!

Rob B

You seem to know a lot about this alleged TMA person. Are you sure you’re not dating him?

Kimbo Slice

you’re a prick.

Leo L

Ha. What a troll.

Blue Fox

This has gotta be the funniest fake story I’ve seen on here so far. Later troll, lol.

Mr Wolf Wolfington

If you think you can get under J’s skin think again troll.
He’s a real martial artist. You are a bored kid on summer vacation.
Did he hurt your feelings? Awwww.
Go play with your pokemon toys kid.


This is clearly harassment, privacy invasion, impersonation, misrepresentation, fraud, and phishing.
I find it incredible you breaking just about all of the “illegal” actions depicted in the abuse report form.
Besides just reporting your a** for illegal activity in Y!A, did you seriously think I would be upset by this. Hell, this is free publicity dumbass! I should thank you. In fact I will: Thank you.
See as you “LOL” at my religious devotion can only make an enemy out of yourself and others who share my position as a Christian. Who in their right mind is going to be ashamed of it? Anyone who is, is not a Christian.
I never challenged you. You love calling people a noob, but you are the real noob here and you know it. The fact you’re constantly writing such stupidity only screams out about your insecurity towards traditional martial artists. You’re threatened and this is the only way of combating it – by making stuff up and building an image in your head that doesn’t exist… how sad.


When two men fight, two men fight. Two arts do not fight.
Trust me, there are guys in China and in Okinawa who you would not want to insult.
I like mma as a sport, but I pursue a tma as an art.
So why can’t you like both rock and jazz at the same time?

Killer Kickboxer

I hate trolls…


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