A Thought Experiment: If missionaries from another planet arrive ….? (See details.)?

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by NH Baritone:

(Please take this, at least in part, seriously.)
Missionaries arrive from another planet in distant solar system. With them they bring advanced technology that can heal CANCER, generate cost-free ENERGY, and solve world HUNGER, among other wonders. They demonstrate their know-how, and it is absolutely certain that they can do this.
However, they say the technology is a gift from their gods, and only to be shared with those who accept their religion: a belief similar to Hinduism. And all who accept the gift must agree to this condition, as well. There will be no sharing with anyone who doesn’t adhere with the faith brought by the aliens.
How would you respond to their offer?
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Answer by Ghost Wolf
I’d take it and fake it, then I’d steal it

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I’d say thanks, but no, thanks. If they invented it, so can we!

smarty pants


elliot l

I can’t believe in someone just because I want to, and I imagine this advanced race would probably understand that. Unless they had some hard evidence for their gods, I’d have to turn them down. Which wouldn’t be too bad, since I’m not hungry and don’t have cancer.


I already know the true God and Creator of the universe….so I cannot believe a lying alien.


I’d convert, as obviously their gods are the real deal. Their gods will probably even know our god and where he went.


“Sounds nice. Prove it, please.”

Officer Wee-Wee

If by accepting it you mean I don’t have to pay it any more attention than my birth religion, then fine.

neil s

Hinduism is reconcileable with mono and polytheism, as well as atheism, so less people would have a problem than one might think. The vedas and Buddhism hold great truths and practical means of experiencing those truths, so I’m in.


That’s a tuff one. I think I might do like my ancestors did with Christianity, act like a Christian just so I could trade and get the goodies. But of course, like my ancestors my decision it would come back to bite me in the butt later on down the road when the alien religion has taken over my home world. On second thought, maybe I’d refuse.


Christians, Muslims, and Jews would probably kill them because God told them so. As for me, I’d fake it and accept the technology. Unless they have mind-reading powers, how are they gonna know? Besides, Hinduism is pretty cool, with all those neat gods and awesome temples, and they don’t seem to be as violence-prone as the Abrahamic religions.


I would say there is one God and His Son Jesus The Christ. I will put my faith there always.
May God Bless you.


I love this question! This is exactly what they do in the third world countries. They dangle the food, clean water, and other goodies likein their faces and say “only if you believe in our god…”
It’s cruel!
If they truly wanted to help, it would come with no strings attatched. Do they really believe those people have true faith? I’d be willing to wager most of them are faking it!


No, I can die of cancer hungry, and have eternal life in Heaven.

Craig B

Fake it. Say what they want to hear to get the goodies and then, in secret try and reverse engineer the tech so you and learn as much about their ‘gods’ as you can. Then use that tech to eliminate the aliens. Any race of beings who are so gullible as to believe in gods and wield such awesome power are a danger to the universe.


Sounds similar to the real scenario, aliens will make themselves known and aid the anti-christ with signs and wonders.The only problem being they are of the devil and anyone receiving the mark will go to heck.


Invalid premise.
If they’re as advanced as all that, they already realize that you can’t force anyone to believe anything they don’t believe, it’s just impossible.
Like the first guy, I’d probably fake it, so I could get my hands on the technology, and then steal it, so I could use it in my own world in my own way.


A lot of people answering this are saying “but you can’t FORCE anyone to believe something!” and they’re absolutely right.
BUT… they seem to be missing your point.
Would I SAY that I believe in this god of their in order to reap the benefits of their advanced technology? No. Wait wait, there’s another “BUT” coming. Some people wouldn’t have a problem throwing conviction to the wind and telling these aliens what they want to hear in order to gain access to the wonders of their knowledge.
AFTER a certain amount of people have “lied” (even though I don’t think it’s lying if they make you lie), we will have access to the advanced technology and will, in time, be able to reverse engineer it (so I’m hoping that the people who agree to their terms are the top scientific minds on earth).


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