A spiritual shift question (spiritual people only please…)?

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This is kind of deep so bare with me Please thank you.
Lucifers connection with man is in a demonsion of I can see you but you cant see me,
I can send messages that changes hearts to go out and do my deeds by using the flesh,
I have made my own place that is Gods place and I have followers seen and unseen just as God.
Ok your with me if you believe in the existance of Lucifer as his place here on the earth and the connection to mankind.
We all agree he deceives or we will really find out right?
Ok heres my question,the bible is prophetic as we see signs
going on left and right.
If any high leader of this system as Lucifer is, and of all the changes seen and unseen are going on from heaven…..
out of his control…
Right now what do you feel that Lucifer is doing as in restructuring his kingdom?
I feel that he is spoiling the world all over with wealth only to take it away to gain some sort of control..
What do you think hes doing and what signs in heaven do you think he sees?
Thanks maulady I know that hes had an angle
since the beginning of time and thats his character trait of his campaign is covetness,
individualism, making people feel bad about themselves as success is the only way, but looking at it all it looks as though its reached a certain hieght then it moves to another society to start all over again.
And of course wherever it was or he was theres nothing but destruction just like our economy our dignity our faith…..
I wonder where hes going next?

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I am spiritual, but I do not believe in god or the devil. Points to you for your complexity, though. It’s interesting.

john wondering

Bullshit, spritually speaking!

Captain Nebula

Are you actually mental?
Evil money giving angels?
I hope you dont have any position of power or influence as your clearly demented.


I am spiritual and I believe in the existence of Lucifer. I also think Lucifer is succeeding in spreading disharmony amongst, not only humanity, but all life on earth. We are taught that to be wealthy, beautiful, to be at the top of the food chain, is success. People always want to be more like this person or that person, they think that the other side of the fence is always greener.
Hardly anyone is willing to stand up and say that they are proud of their individuality, that they are proud of being unique.
It is now the norm to want to be like everyone else.
This is Lucifer’s greatest accomplishment.


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