A spiritual question: nothing is too good to be true?

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I am wondering how to ask this…basically what we love and wish for at our core…is exactly what we are?
For instance, when you dig deep enough a person ALWAYS wants more than anything to love and be loved…it is so natural…the only time this seems to be not the case is when ego’s lies has spun of web/tangle of deception.
It would be like if an ace of spades was deeply attracted to spades and aces, unaware that it was an ace of spades, lol! Sorry my example is terrible, but I can’t think of anything better right now.
What do you think/feel/observe?
I don’t give thumbs down! (especially to kittehs, or even a kinny, or butty, lol :))
You are right Poppy Seed…it is a blanket statement…it feels true, yet in all fairness I can only say that it has been true for me.

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TEH TYME KITTEH ~pantheist~

I wanna be half bunneh and half kitteh. a Kinny or a Butty?


All people are sinners at the core………..but we can still love one another & desire to be loved.
But what we always remain is sinners


i observe that i need more money to help my family to get a home to live in and a better job for me and my husband to support our family

Jon M dn ǝpıs sıɥʇ

Yes. At our core, we are made in God’s likeness. At our core we are His children.
That means we, like God, are loving and creative in our essential natures. What all of us want most — whether we admit it to ourselves or not — is to love and be loved.
I think that is what we are all wishing for at our core. But in a lot of people, maybe all of us, pressures from the world, our own bitter disappointments in life, etc warp that wish. If a man starts to think that nobody will love him or want his love, then he does his best to quash that wish. “If I can’t have love, I’ll get _______ instead.” Fill in the blank with things like money, sex, drugs, political control, bullying, etc.
This is the great ego lie: that we don’t need love and can substitute it with something else.

Mystic Shiva Says

A big yes,
“NOTHING“ is too good to be true
im glad nothing is not here
because only then everything is


Kasey, I refer you to this question asked by I am Sirius, and to my answer to it.
((((Christmas hug))))
Not only to my answer, you understand! There are some beautiful and deeply wise answers there.

who is #1?

Like is attracted to like. But don’t forget Charles Manson; not all of us want good.


So then if I understand you , you mean I am am what I wish for ? or my desires define what I am !
That being the case then if it universally applies then some folks out there are indeed nothing but a big delicious ice cream cone !,,,,,maybe even with nutty topping, and whipped cream !
I have never been accused of thinking like an ice cream cone myself, but who knows what lies just around the corner ? I sometimes think like a liberal left-winger but I am not really, then again I do not get accusations of thinking like that very often—come right down to it I don’t think that often anyway !
I have heard that you are what you eat ! This makes a bit more sense but then what about those who do not have enough to eat what makes up their ethereal essence ? I guess they do not then therefore exist ! I have noticed that those who do not think are very often taken to be non-existing
but then that is possibly just a side effect of a democratic way of life—-the silent majority just lays around being swayed by popular opinion/demand whether it suits them or not.
Now if one is to extrapolate to ” You are what you think you are,” it seems to be more fitting eg: I think I am a jerk (use your own term here if you want to) so therefore I am a jerk. [In the immortal words of Forest Gump “stupid is as stupid does” ] I have noticed also that when it comes to scoundrels if they are given enough rope they can usually manage to hang themselves.
Now again you are seeking also the meaning of truth and how it may apply in this case,,,,if there is an excess of good in something then it must be false ? so falsehood belies goodness that exceeds nominally accepted standards. This being the case then it follows that one ought to avoid goodness lest one venture into falsehood !
Any way you are telling me to continue being the same old rotten self that I am and I know !


I don’t think what we love and wish for is what we are but more of what we (at our core) wish to be. I believe that yes, everyone (admitted or not) wants to love and be loved. I guess that it is a pretty hard thing to find and especially difficult to maintain … judging by the divorce rates, domestic disturbances and “random” acts of violence. So, in my opinion, we long for what we wish we could be or even what we once were.

holiday treats

I don’t think so kasey because what I wish for isn’t what I am. I wish for peace and I am not peaceful inside or even outside a lot of the time for that matter. Unless I am misunderstanding your question that is which is an acute possibility online.

happy new year

Nothing, nothing, nothing…
No thing, not one thing…
In Truth, there is nothing…
that is too good to be true!
It’s all so good… it’s true!
I share this truth with others.
I share my blessings as well.
And I like it like that!
And I like it like that!
And that’s the way it is!


Nothing is too good to be true, this I agree. For what is true transends goodness. And love transends all things.

Who knows?

You have expressed a beautiful thing.
Isn’t “Love” just the desire to be ONE?
Why do we desire what already is?
You have said a lot!
Thanks for your Q&As

Poppy Seed

“For instance, when you dig deep enough a person ALWAYS wants more than anything to love and be loved…it is so natural…”
–I wonder what the basis for this claim is? You see, I do not believe that I am very well described by that statement–or have I merely not been digging deeply enough? 🙂

General D. Ypsilanti

You asked a spiritual question. In the spiritual realm nothing is too good to be true.
In spirit everything is perfect and in time we can come to recognize that truth. In fact
we all must come to that realization eventually because God’s creation is perfect
and He has not allowed it to change one iota.
Man has created a dream world and thinks he has autonomy. The truth is that God is changeless,
and invulnerable along with being All Wisdom, All Love. His Creation cannot change and since
He is invulnerable, man cannot sin against Him, nor in any way change God or Creation –
sin is a myth if you cannot possibly harm God in any way.
There is nothing to be saved from except the wrong thinking that God can be challenged
by creations made by the mind of man, because everything God created was/is good.
You are entitled to all the good ever created by God.

Shaman Val

Believing you are above other creatures, as the direct creation of an omnipotent god IS your ego talking. Greed and power is nothing but a sickness of the mind, all religions are based on numbers and its power influence they incessantly are forced to self promote to gain the upper hand.
All religions have been promoted and or created by the ruling elite. Princes, kings, queens and Roman emperors called Constantine. 😉
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks


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