A spiritual question about self confidence?

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Are there, perhaps, two types of self confidence? One stemming from ego, while the other–a little deeper, tied to alignment with true self?
It seems to me that a person can have one and not the other…?
All opinions/comments are accepted and greatly appreciated–no thumbs down from me!
*waves and smiles at Phyrekiss*

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The Buddhist

Everything that has a beginning also has an end. Therefore there is no true self – only the illusion of self. Your life is transitory as well. There is no ‘eternal soul’ that lives on when the body dies.

tomas g

I think your question is one of more sense of self. But Yes, I agree there are probably two sides or versions.
Spiritually speaking there is the sense of self to the world – our public image of ourselves that we feel is reflected in the open, to others, for people to judge us and by which we partially judge ourselves. This I think is tied to the ego, this is the version of our self that we want people to judge us by.
There is the other version that is only for internal judgment, this is the version of ourselves that incorporates all our beliefs, actions, that people publically know of as well as don’t know of.
This second sense of self is what we ultimately judge ourselves by, included is judgement by a God if you have belief in one, because it is basically without judgement from other people, this is where you acknowledge your flaws and make compromises to yourself about what actions and beliefs you have done that make up the person you believe you are.


Yes, I think you are correct, for when we are able to align with Greater Self within, we realize that we are simply part of something MUCH bigger, whatever label we feel to attach to it, and we are then able to begin allowing that Greater Self to guide our physical journey on Earth..
I believe that that which some call God is not an old man in the sky, but Divine Loving Creative Consciousness, of which all sentient Beings, us included, are part, in fact nothings exists that is not part of that which we call God..
Thus our consciousness, *aliveness* and conscience are all aspects of that which we call God within us, which is why we were told we are *made in the image of God* and advised to listen to *the still small voice (of God) within*
That understanding and perception allow the outer ego to be controlled and overridden, and enables us to live with Love and compassion.


good question.
The ego tries to build confidence apart from God, which is an illusion.
Our identity is that we are sons of God. No need to build on that, only remember.
We only have two masters possible. We can only listen to one at a time, but we can switch.
The ego presents the body as self. The Christ knows the body is an illusion as all temporary things are.


im thinking the difference between self confidence and arrogance is the ego
obviously, arrogance stems from the ego
and is very ugly when stroked
self confidence, however is one of the most appealing qualities a soul can have
unfortunately most of our self esteem issues are directly linked to our egos
producing insecurities that lead to arrogance
trying to produce a false sense of self confidence
((vicious cycle))


I’m having a hard time at work. When I talk about the things that are wrong, I get yelled at. When I smile and pretend everything is fine, I get compliments. What occurred to me yesterday is that this shyt of expecting people to smile while they’re being f*cked with is a form of psychic violence. I’m going to just say what I have to say from now on and try to handle what happens. Because I’m the kind of person who needs to say what they need to say. That will require self-confidence which should not be for anyone else to take away from me.

the chameleon

I consider myself to be “Self” Centered!
(Possibly a combination of BOTH of these types you speak of!)

Just Be

Your explanation needs no expounding!
I have found this to be true in my experience.
Many Blessings!


the ego is arrogant…the self is confident…and the true self is neither

Bilbo Baggins

Hidee hi ho hey hey hey Kasey!
It seems to me that a person can have one and not the other…? I agree!
You can’t serve two masters comes to mind.
There is a difference between the kind of pride that God hates…… and the type of pride we feel about a job well done.
Using genuine humility is healthy for the ego for your own balance of reasonableness of forethought.


Hi Kasey 🙂 *waves* I believe you are right! Definatly two types, one which we show, and one which we do not show. I believe the person with the most self confidence will exert little to no ego. Also, the person with the biggest ego, is the “smallest” inside.
What I find is that when i gain self confidence, I lose some of the ego that I had, and vice versa. If I lose self confidence, the ego comes back out, and I sometimes become defensive.
There always seems to be a pendulum swing between the two.
Definatly a delicate balance.
Great question, I thought about this one for a while !


Good Observation!
The one stemming from Ego is called Swagger in my books…its showy and condescending, making others uncomfortable!
The other is truer…quiet, soothing, evoking feelings of love and security in others too in turn!
Some situations demand that we fake it…if we lack it! And it works at times 🙂


Spiritually self-confidence is from the genuine self – the feeling during awaken state. (I am merely a feeling and it is the true part of God, the Almighty, as “I” – this body contains each and every part of the whole universe, including its owner – the God, Almighty. He is behind every action and result and reactions and I am doing nothing, but the Karma for Him. Result may go to Him and I need not. This is the spiritual self-confidence.
Confidence is the strong belief based on the backgrounds of the circumstances and the subject together. Self is the 1st person – Joining this the meaning of self-confidence comes to the courage and practical knowledge in the subject. For example, “The contractor of the project has a very good self-confidence in execution of the project since he has collected and stored sufficient manpower, resources, raw materials and the clean plan of the project according to which he has also made a project completion schedule also. [So, I am sure, you can occupy the house by next December] “. Unless one has sufficient resources in his control, it is not possible for him to be self-confident.


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