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A spiritual experience? Have you experienced anything like this?

I was between sleeping and waking states and I felt four foot steps go across the bottom of the bed. I perceived it as a non-threatening little person with no facial features. It was just kind of there watching me. At other times during meditation I saw this creature always just watching. Then I perceived another one. This one was taller and was also facial feature-less. It felt like a male entity; also non-threatening. Then I got really cold, my body locked, and I started vibrating. All the while I never felt like I was in any danger. I got frightened that I couldn’t move(sleep paralysis) and that was it. I think maybe these are my spirit guides??
Has anyone experienced this? Do you have any ideas about what happened?


  1. I often undergo some spiritual and strange events myself.
    For example, I sometimes lie on my bed and I’m awake but unable to speak, cry, move hands or anything…
    I think you should purify your home or do something from which that thing goes away.
    It may seem a little harmless, may become harmful and angry with time.

  2. You kids have to stop mixing up all the pills from your grandparents medicine chest and mixing them with vodka. One of these days you might really damage some brain cells and end up in a coma.

  3. Faceless entities. it sounds like shapeshifters were watching you sleep. I believe you, because there are some wierd things in this world.
    They could be your guardians.

  4. I’ve heard about this kind of stuff. As a wiccan, I am familiar with spirit entities, but I have never heard anything quite like this. They may be spirit guides, benevolent spirits, or even demons, But I highly doubt they’re evil. They may be just wandering spirits, but what gets me is that you claim that they’re watching you. My view is that they are not guardians, but watchers. They are most likely only watching you to learn. If these experiences continue, please e-mail me at sk8rcfsmith@yahoo.com
    thank you,

  5. A Spirit Guide, unlike an Angel, was once a human being, like you and I. They lived their life, performed their tasks, died, and crossed over to the Other Side. Some choose to come back, to reincarnate in a new life, in a new place. Others, however, make the choice to remain in Spirit so they can learn and spiritually advance while helping others still living to learn their life’s lessons. This is a Spirit Guide.
    Spirit Guides, as former human beings, are well aware of the problems we face in our everyday, mundane lives. They were once concerned with very similar matters. They tend to have their own special areas of expertise, often based on past personal experiences or careers they have had in a past life.

  6. The creature and the male entity you saw are not of too much concern. However, “then I got really cold, my body locked, and I started vibrating,” suggests what you experienced are demons. Most times, these types of experiences start out very non-threatening, but eventually the demons will become more violent even possibly effecting you during the daytime. I have experienced the coldness and vibrating phenomenon during the day time, so I kid you not.
    Here is a story of woman with sleep paralysis that became more threatening: http://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=306
    The next time it happens say, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.” If they simply laugh at you, then pray Lord I ask you to forgive me of my sins. I accept Jesus to come into my heart and save me. At this point, you have the authority to rebuke the demons in the name of Jesus and they will leave. I understand you may not heed my warning, but hopefully you will remember this in the future as you may need it.


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