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a spells question?

Disclaimer:If you dont really know about this , please go to another question, i only accept knowledgeable and serious answers, please refrain from preaching , or judging me , i respect your beliefs and i expect the same.
when you are going to do a spell , even if it is really long , do you memorize it, or just reading from the paper or book of shadows , is it wrong to read it directly , is it better if i memorize it?


  1. Whatever lets you retain your focus. I personally go for memorisation whenever I can, because reading from a book causes a bit of discordance for me. It may be that it doesn’t do such for you, and as such you can use it effectively.

  2. I write my own and read them aloud. There is no difference whether you memorize it or not. But I do find that putting it in writing helps a lot.

  3. Better to read it and get it right, than try to memorize it and get it wrong. But in any case don’t worry to much about it, If the Goddess had meant for us all to be perfect…………. well look around.

  4. The act of memorizing is always a good discipline, in order to familiarize and personalize yourself with the power you are tapping into.

  5. If I do spell work, especially the spells of others, I use them only as a guideline and compose my OWN spell. Remember, the power is within YOU and NOT within the words. If your intention is right and your methods are proper and fit in with YOUR style of practice then it will be YOUR power that effects the manifestation. the most important thing is to DO your homework. Make sure that everything you bring into the working is appropriate to what you intend to accomplish.
    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch

  6. I see nothing wrong with refering to a book to cast a spell. I didn’t have to memorize prayers when I went to synagogue, so I see no reason I should have to memorize any other rituals.


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