A simple poll: how many of you has experienced kensho or satori (a moment or short period of enlightenment)?

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Satori is sometimes loosely used interchangeably with Kensho, but Kensho refers to the first perception of the Buddha-Nature or True-Nature, sometimes referred to as “awakening”. Kensho is not a permanent state of enlightenment, but rather a clear glimpse of the true nature of creation. Satori on the other hand refers to “deep” or lasting enlightenment.
As an analogy, we may think of a baby when it first walks. After much effort, it stands upright, finds its balance and walks a few steps (kensho), then falls. After continued effort the child will one day find that it is able to walk all the time (satori).

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Hippie Man

i’m trying to get to that point.

One EXTREMELY Pissed Penguin.

You DO know the main meerkat in Meerkat Manor died today, right?


For relaxing times…. its satori time.
Seriously though, I had a startling moment of realisation when I realised quantum mechanics resolved all supposed temporal paradoxes relating to time travel in to the past.


I experienced a satori, Sept. 15, 2001.
I went from the dark, into the light, and experienced enlightenment. I became a follower of Christ.
The light grew so bright, I was baptized and enrolled in seminary.
I’m now a pastor while I complete seminary, and I try to help others experience enlightenment.
Godspeed you on your journey of discovery.


Hi MK,
I think as a rule, those who have don’t shout about it.
In the original monastic discipline (now preserved in the Theravaada Tradition), to make claims to the laity of such attainments was considered a fairly serious offence, even if they were true!
If the claims turned out to be false, it was / is grounds for expulsion from the monastic order. (Unless it were due to ‘overestimation’, i.e. unintentionally in terms of deceiving others).
This is the letter of the law, for which the spirit is, basically, ‘modesty’.
Good Question, though, friend. 🙂


Something like that (“a clear glimpse of the true nature of creation”) happened to me a few years ago, but I don’t like to talk about it because I don’t want people to think I am a religious nutter :-))
I also wonder “Did something like *that* happen to someone like *me*??


whats the new song from third eye blind called?

whats the new song from third eye blind called?

How much gold to take to remove fluoride from body?

I want to remove the fluoride from my pineal gland. I heard that colloidal gold is the only way to really do it...

Scientifically, does the surge of DMT released upon death provide real proof of the likelihood of an afterlife?

It is already scientifically known that when you dream, and moreso when a person is about to die, there is a surge of DMT....

So how far should I keep the pyramid over my head to get the highest possible energy?

As I can’t be placed in the pyramid for maximum energy because of its small size. i.e. 1/3rd height for maximum energy
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