Home Discussion Forum A simple Hindu question ( i keep missing..)?

A simple Hindu question ( i keep missing..)?

__ How is the ‘summum bonum’ of Hinduism (the supreme gain) , called ?
__ As is Nirvana in Buddhism, Mahamountra in Tantra, T’ai-Ji in Tao, or Moksha in Islam ..
__ Ajit : yes i’m humbly sorry , moksha and Mukti is the Hindu word i was seeking .
__ However how is the summum bonum of Islam called ?


  1. I dont know much about it
    but Moksha is in Hindu word not islam which you have mentioned,
    Moksha is a sanskrit word means Mukti or salvation in english
    moksha is Faana in islam Fanaa means annihilation in Sufism

  2. Moksha is the Hindu word for Nirvana. Even Nirvana is used in Hinduism. There are other words like Kaivalya, Mukhti which all mean the same.

  3. “Urvaaruha Miva Bhandhanaath Mrthyor Mukshiya Maam (A)Mruthaath”= Just as a ripe cucumber gently leaves its stalk-let my soul be relieved of the vicious cycle of Birth-Death-Birth–(A)Mruthaath-)that “Mukshya” is Moksham.Now what happens to the “Aathma”(Soul) after it is releived of “Bondage” (Samsaaram),there many Metaphysical propositions(Vedhaantha) os sarava sri.SANKARA(whom I beleive)-Ramanuja,Madwa.


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