__ How is the ‘summum bonum’ of Hinduism (the supreme gain) , called ?
__ As is Nirvana in Buddhism, Mahamountra in Tantra, T’ai-Ji in Tao, or Moksha in Islam ..
__ Ajit : yes i’m humbly sorry , moksha and Mukti is the Hindu word i was seeking .
__ However how is the summum bonum of Islam called ?


  • “Urvaaruha Miva Bhandhanaath Mrthyor Mukshiya Maam (A)Mruthaath”= Just as a ripe cucumber gently leaves its stalk-let my soul be relieved of the vicious cycle of Birth-Death-Birth–(A)Mruthaath-)that “Mukshya” is Moksham.Now what happens to the “Aathma”(Soul) after it is releived of “Bondage” (Samsaaram),there many Metaphysical propositions(Vedhaantha) os sarava sri.SANKARA(whom I beleive)-Ramanuja,Madwa.

  • Moksha is the Hindu word for Nirvana. Even Nirvana is used in Hinduism. There are other words like Kaivalya, Mukhti which all mean the same.

  • I dont know much about it
    but Moksha is in Hindu word not islam which you have mentioned,
    Moksha is a sanskrit word means Mukti or salvation in english
    moksha is Faana in islam Fanaa means annihilation in Sufism

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