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If you are trying to understand how Reiki works from a Western perspective, you are probably especially interested in gaining a scientific understanding of Reiki. What’s really going on? Is it a scientifically valid form of alternative medicine?

Does it belong in our hospitals? All of these questions hinge on the scientific underpinnings of this healing modality, so this article has been written for the purpose of providing you with a basic scientific understanding of Reiki as an energy-based form of healing.

The Basic Philosophy and Modern Science

Reiki, as a philosophy, is based on the ancient Eastern concept of energetic interaction. Basic and familiar to the Eastern mind, yet still foreign and often confusing to the more analytical Western mind, this concept understands all of life to be energetic in nature.

Within this context, the effect of Reiki on the human body is that of an energetic force exerting its influence on an energetic body.

A scientific understanding of Reiki must provide some form of explanation for this ancient perspective. Until very recently, there was no scientific framework from which to view the Eastern philosophy that underlies Reiki Energy Healing.

But now, thanks to recent advances within the sciences allowing Westerners to think outside the box of concrete Newtonian Theory, progressive sciences like String Theory, Unified-Field Theory, and Quantum Physics are lending validity to the energy-based medicines and healing modalities.

Electromagnetism and the Human Body

The electrical nature of the human body plays an important role in its functioning. Electrical currents flow through the nerves, through the blood, and through all organs and cells.

According to Ampere’s Law, which states that when an electrical current flows through a conductor, an electromagnetic field is created around that conductor, it is now understood that each cell, organ, and function within the human body emits a unique and measurable electromagnetic signature.

The electromagnetic nature of the human body is not confined to merely physical interactions, either. Even though and emotion emit measurable electromagnetic signatures.

Electromagnetic Induction and Healing Hands

Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction states that “a change in an electromagnetic field will induce a similar change in electrical flow in conductors close by and therefore in their electromagnetic fields.

This means that the state and presence of one electromagnetic field will influence the state of another. Remembering what we learned about electromagnetism and the human body, this means that the body, mind, and emotions are all linked together, connected and affecting one another through electromagnetic induction.

This is one explanation for why negative emotion tends to create feelings of physical discomfort – the unhealthy frequency of negative thoughts or emotions have exerted an influence on your healthy body system, forcing alignment with that frequency and causing physical discomfort.

This Law also helps to explain what is occurring during a Reiki healing session.

The hands of energy healers have been observed to emit strong pulsing electromagnetic fields. When these healthy, powerful fields are placed within proximity of an unhealthy organ, equilibrium is restored to that organ, along with its health, as its frequency conforms to the influence of the healer’s hands.

Experience It!

As is always the case within the sciences, the most important decision that you can make in your search to gain a scientific understanding of Reiki is to experience it for yourself: observation and experimentation. Whether you decide to schedule a Reiki treatment, or better yet, decide to learn Reiki for your own benefit and education, nothing is as convincing or legitimate as personal experience.

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