A real clairvoyant…..or dream interperter? Do you know any?





I have some very funky dreams…..I would like an interpetation, but a serious one please.


  1. Denise,
    Fire and water are very important dream symbols. The fire generally represents spirit, and water represents the emotional nature of the human condition. Now, your boss is YOU, your Higher Self, trying to get in touch with you, bearing fire (spirit). You ran because you were scared the fire would hurt you and your car, but in the dream it shows that nothing is harmed. The man putting out the fire with the water is also you. Your Higher Self came to bring you light, and you stamped the light out with your fear and emotions.

  2. here’s my dream. i was sitting in my car with my window on driver side down. my boss man was carrying a oil lamp waliking toward me while i was sitting in my car. it seemed as though the lamp was empty. he leaned over in my car through the window and dropped the lamp. i pushed the door open to escape because i thought it would explode, and i started to run. he (the boss) had his arms around me as if he was trying to help me esape. he was moving too slow so i left him about 20 feet. i stop and turn around thinking my car had exploded but it was sitting in the same spot without harm. but there were 2 small fire balls on the ground behind the car about 30 feet from my car with a strange man putting out the fire with a water hose. can you interpert this dream?

  3. Joe,
    E-mail me anytime! You have my e-mail address! I set up my answers with my other yahoo e-mail which carries my first name.
    I thought when I made the second Yahoo e-mail address that I have given you that I would be able to connect the new one with this answers account. It won’t let me. Which is why I haven’t automatically enabled e-mail through my answers.
    You are more than welcome to send your dreams for an interpretation from me anytime you like. I don’t charge, I like the practice. I feel that the more I get the chance to practice the better I will become. I may not be perfect but I will do my best to give you as accurate of an interpretation as I possibly can.
    Or you can also do what other people in answers do and use your dream as a question to see what other sort of responses that you get.

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