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A question too Chrsitians ?

Reincarnation: I understand that this belief doesn’t constitute any of the majority (If any)
modern day Christian denominational doctrines. What is your thoughts on Reincarnation ? and what about the plausible evidence of past life regression and memory’s ? (And I think there are even claims of accidents in the past life having affects on people’ new body’s (Scars, bruises etc..) however I thought the doctrine was that you got reincarnated into a new physical body (?)
If you want further understanding of these experiences you can find many videos on youtube.
Please don’t recite the Bible I have read the majority of the Bible and I fully comprehend that Reincarnation isn’t compatible with Christian beliefs, but that doesn’t answer my question of what your thoughts are on the matter.
Please do not respond with abuse or anything of the sort, this question is intended to evoke contemplation on this topic and what how your/my beliefs incline you to respond and answer these questions. If you do, personally this would suggest to me that these questions have provoked a uncertainty in you or something uncomfortable which is unnecessary we should try and have stability in are beliefs and embrace other’ evidence and beliefs -even if they contradict with ours- without having our faith too deeply inflicted with uncomfortably. As I stated before I am also Christian but I am exploring different Christian ideas/beliefs on different topics. Thanks in Advance
I know I didn’t state that I am a Christian above, I copied this question from before and forgot to include that part of the text.
My reasoning for asking not to recite the Bible was clear, please read what I said…
Do not recite the Bible because that does not fufill the answers I was expecting. whether it conflicts with Christianity is a completely different topic. I was wanting personal opinions/beliefs not what the scriptures say about it as I am well aware of what the Bilbe says (well the majority). So your analogy doesn’t really make sense….


  1. There used to be plenty of references in older bibles about reincarnation. All since removed and denied. 😉
    Spelling check: ‘too’ is used in context of too much, not in to do or not to do. 😉
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  2. You’re asking Christians to provide you with their insight into reincarnation without quoting the Bible from which they live? That’s like taking a fish out of water and asking it what its thoughts are on breathing oxygen.

  3. If the physical body doesn’t survive, and the personality doesn’t survive, I am not entirely clear what it is that is supposed to be reincarnated. Even if reincarnation in that sense could be proven true, it would have about as much practical significance for me as the news that two plus two equals four.

  4. As you said Christianity conflicts with reincarnation.
    Reincarnation is a comfortable doctrine. It’s kinda relaxing to sit in traffic thinking that guy that just cut you off is gonna get cut off a lot in his next life.
    I think that the past life regressions often are suggestion. Anything that is done under hypnosis can come from the patient or the doctor. Phobias and that kind of thing sometimes don’t have to have a cause. I don’t think being terrified of water means you have drowned.


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