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A question to energetic healers. Sacral chakra?

I went to get some reiki today and was told by the practitioner that this chakra of mine is almost non existent (a very dark place – she said). I googled it and found out that this chakra is linked to anorexia and bulimia (which I had as a teenager and into my mid twenties)) and reproduction problems (dealing with now). She said she wonders if this has to do with sexual abuse. Anyway… whatever the reason for it, how do I heal it. I know this sounds a bit ‘out there’, but I believed her and am now obsessed with wanting to fix it.
Any suggestions. Exercises I can do.


  1. Only Advice;
    Try to take about 2.5 of Rx Water per day with 10 drop of Rx Tra for 250mltrs 2 time per day, morning and nite.
    Find out the result after a week.

  2. You could try to become a level 1 Reiki practioner. The “course”doesn’t take that long and is not that expensive. This will allow you to treat yourself – balancing your chakras – on a daily basis and your spiritual, physical and mental health will improve. As a result, you will also be more positive minded.
    Ask your Reiki practitioner to recommend you a Reiki Master who is competent and serious about this as only a Reiki Master can teach you and attune you into Reiki, the Universal Energy of Life.
    Hope this helps.
    Sending Positive Energy your way!
    Love and Light!
    here are some websites that may interest you :
    hope this helps.

  3. Hello Chanel
    You should have asked the healer as you had her time darling.
    All can be healed with self healing & that can be done with meditation & visualisation. You can also have regular visits with a healer, but that does not teach you to deal with issues.
    You should also know about all of the major chakras as focusing on one will cause imbalance.
    any help? join forum below

  4. To quote the author from about.com, “I often receive emails from concerned readers asking me for advice on how to go about getting their chakras open and functioning. Normally this happens as a result of them being told (correctly or incorrectly) by someone that they have non-functioning chakra(s).
    It amazes me that anyone would tell someone that they have a closed chakra without offering any help on how to go about correcting the problem, other than to nudge them into consulting a healer trained in energywork who could evaluate their chakra system more thoroughly. It amazes me even more when someone doesn’t ask that person to elaborate as to why such an evaluation of their chakra system was made in the first place. ”
    Since this Reiki healer didn’t bother to further help you, I wouldn’t go back to this person. Find someone else to help with your healing.


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