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A question to Christians?

I am not trying to cause confrontation to your Christian beliefs by asking these questions but I am aspiring to be a theologian so that is partially why I ask these questions… I myself am a Christian)
Reincarnation: I understand that this belief doesn’t constitute any of the majority (If any)
modern day Christian denominational doctrines. What is your thoughts on Reincarnation ? and what about the plausible evidence of past life regression and memory’s ? (And I think there are even claims of accidents in the past life having affects on people’ new body’s (Scars, bruises etc..) however I thought the doctrine was that you got reincarnated into a new physical body (?)
If you want further understanding of these experiences you can find many videos on youtube.
Please don’t recite the Bible I have read the majority of the Bible and I fully comprehend that Reincarnation isn’t compatible with Christian beliefs, but that doesn’t answer my question of what your thoughts are on the matter.
[Christians] Do you believe in Evolution ?? If so I am presuming you don’t believe the Genesis creation account was intended to be taken solely literally ?
Please do not respond with abuse or anything of the sort, this question is intended to evoke contemplation on this topic and what how your/my beliefs incline you to respond and answer these questions. If you do, personally this would suggest to me that these questions have provoked a uncertainty in you or something uncomfortable which is unnecessary we should try and have stability in are beliefs and embrace other’ evidence and beliefs -even if they contradict with ours- without having our faith too deeply inflicted with uncomfortably. As I stated before I am also Christian but I am exploring different Christian ideas/beliefs on different topics. Thanks in Advance


  1. I think reincarnation is not the eternal life that god has planned for all life
    I believe in evolution and believe that the book of genesis should not be taken literally

  2. I guess I never thought a lot about reincarnation. I suppose it is possible, even in Christianity. God hasn’t told us everything, especially about the afterlife, so it could happen, even in Christianity. Perhaps something like in “What Dreams May Come.” As far as remembering past lives, I don’t know. It does give me something to think about.
    I do believe in evolution, although I think accept is a better word. I believe the Genesis account was a figurative story to better get the idea across to people at that time, similar to why Jesus often used parables to teach. The Bible wasn’t intended to be a science textbook, so why would it explain everything in scientific terms, especially when it wasn’t necessary for people to know?

  3. On reincarnation, I don’t know. I don’t think that it’s impossible, since I don’t believe that when you die you immediately wake up in heaven/hell.
    I do believe in evolution. No, I don’t take the creation story in Genesis literally; I believe that it may have been written that way in order to explain to people thousands of years ago how God created the world and life in it, because if He explained the processes He used, it would have blown their scientifically inept minds.
    I am a Christian, in that I believe that Jesus was the Son of God, but also believe that we are all Children of God. I don’t believe in any of the “offshoots” of Christianity. (Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, etc.)

  4. I’m not going to say much on the reincarnation concept, other than to just clarify a few points for you. First, the bible does not say that we will get “new” bodies, but rather “glorified” ones. Think of it as a perfect upgrade to the body you now have. We basically get to keep the body we now posess, but with NO physical or genetic defects. It cannot age, cannot be damaged, but it is not a “new” body. No reincarnation in any form. Also, those “memories” can easily be demonic “implants”, not true memories.
    A Christian should never accept evolution as a viable alternative to creation for two reasons…
    First, the real unbiased science does NOT back up evolution, no matter what people say. Science cannot “prove” God, but it can certainly point in that direction, and it does…if you look at the world without an evolutionary bias. Second, belief in evolution and billions of years causes all kinds of doctrinal problems with the bible. Evolution requires there to be death before sin, and implies that God doesn’t know what he is doing, if He needs millions of years of trial and error to get creation right. Plus (and this is the important part), Genesis is the foundation for the entire bible, both historically and doctrinally. If you cannot take God at His word with the creation account, how can you trust what the rest of the bible says about anything? In addition, if you set up the precedent that the bible is meant to be symbolic rather than literal, then you will always have that attitude about all scripture, and that means you can put your personal opinion on everything that God said, rather than just take what He says at face value.


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