Home Discussion Forum A question regarding the Lucid Dreaming Technique (WILD)?

A question regarding the Lucid Dreaming Technique (WILD)?

I have been practicing Lucid dreaming for a while now, and I have a pretty good gasp on it. I mostly use the DILD method (Dream induced lucid dream) and this just has seemed too hit and miss for me. As for the WILD method, it is explained that you basically remain conscious while your body falls asleep; easier said then done, eh? I always remain still and set the intention to remain conscious during the decent into a dream, and I have gotten past sleep paralysis at some points too. But, I always fail ultimately, and I can never remember where my mind “gave up” and fell asleep. Well, my question is: What are some techniques to stay awake the WHOLE process?


  1. There is a tense and release method which may help you. You breath in through your nose and feel the air travel through your head, as you breath in you tense your whole body (roughly 10% increase from starting tenseness), and as you breath out feel the warm air hit the back of your throat-relax your body completely, more so then it was before.
    Repeat as desired, tensing up should help you remain awake and you can get to astounding levels of relaxation from this.

  2. Well for me I do it all the the time(remain conscious while your body falls asleep)But I think its because when I want to rest and I need to rest I stair and focus in one area.then immages start to flash in my mind and I see my dreams.And I know Im dreaming .All the while I am in tune to the things(out side world)hapining around me.But be careful Sometimes you can see events that have not happend yet.Its like opening a window for a sec.I creeps some people out.

  3. The best thing that works for me is I will drink some water before going to bed. The body will typically wake you up about 2-3 hours before you normally wake up. This is the perfect time to practice your WILD attempt. When you return from the bathroom lay on your back and stay completely still. Usually, I go directly in the dream right after I get waking paralysis.


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