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a question on telepathy?

is telepathy only possible with a person you love/like? If you know anything about that, pl. share.
what happened in my case was, someone i know was fooling around a little bit and contacted me, he created a profile on a dating website and it was a false one but i figured out it was him and i liked him secretly.


  1. This isn’t telepathy, it’s coincidence. That is a big difference. People who are around each other a lot will often say the same thing, at the same time. What bothers me is that he created a false impression on his dating website. Great, you figured it out – but why? If he were interested in you, none of this would be necessary. Go back to the word “false” and think about it. If you like someone – just tell them. Games are not necessary. Flirtation, great – but no games.

  2. There are no such thing as coincidence, everything is planed and happens for a reason. Telepathy is not only possibly with a person you like or love but its more likely if you have a connection with someone. I don’t know if this would be Telepathy though, he probably left little clue so that you would know it was him, maybe without even meaning to. And you could have known it was him by the things he would say or the way he would say them, especially if deep down he wanted you to know it was him. Please be careful, it sounds like you might be getting caught up in the hype for this guy to soon.

  3. Before we indulge on the topic of telepathy we need to understand how thoughts work. No human being ever has a mind. The mind of whole cosmos is one. Individual human beings only have a brain that works as a receiving and a transmitting station. As is our residual balance of karma, so is our invocation of thought.
    Every single thought flows from the Central command station… the mind of the Cosmos! Mind has two compartments… the reservoir of mind plus and mind minus. Every single positive thought flows from reservoir of mind plus and negative from mind minus. The invocation of any thought is directly related to our residual balance of karma at any given moment of time!
    It simply cannot be that mangoes grow on a guava tree! Everything in the cosmic system results from our karma at the moment… rather the residual balance of karma at any given moment of time! Those with a sunny disposition and godly thinking always invoke positive thoughts from the reservoir of mind plus and negative thoughts from the reservoir of mind minus.
    All thoughts operate on frequencies higher than the speed of light… i.e. anything higher than 1, 86,000 miles per second. Whenever two persons meet at the same frequency level… they can contact each other without opening their mouth! They can freely communicate through the power of thoughts… the power of telepathy!
    Any human being wishing to communicate Jesus Christ can go to the frequency on which Jesus Christ operated. The moment this happens… every single thought that was invoked by Jesus Christ can be invoked by the individual. Does this mean the entire teachings of the bible can be invoked by one operating on the frequency of Jesus Christ! Yes, the truth is so!
    While seeking God… when I gained absolute control over the senses and the mind… I reached a stage in life when I could take myself to any frequency on Mother Earth. The moment I took myself to the frequency of Lord Krishna… the Sacred Bhagavad Gita poured out of my mouth as if I had written the Sacred Bhagavad Gita in one of my earlier manifestations.
    I further experimented with Swami Vivekananda… the famous disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa! The moment I concentrated on the lectures of Swami Vivekananda on zero… the lectures started pouring out of my mouth verbatim as if I had manifested the form of Swami Vivekananda.
    One can indulge in telepathy with anyone operating on the same frequency as we. Those in love with us… those whom we truly love normally operate on the same frequency. In the circumstances sometimes it is possible to make a contact through telepathy. If we truly desire contacting one through telepathy… we need take control of senses and the mind. More on thought waves and Mind – http://www.godrealized.org/mind_a_universal_phenomenon.html


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