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For years (since the early ’70s at least) I have used my house plants, among other things, to ground myself. They are used in order to get rid of negative energy I pick up from others in healing. I know there is no reason to explain that. This is my question:
When my house plants really need to be watered I get sick. A sore throat and cough. I’ve been very busy, no excuse for my plants, lately and they really get dry. Once I water them, I feel much better. Is this ……????? I don’t know how to ask the question. What is, is.
Peace and Love
This happens quite often lately, that’s how I noticed it.


  1. A man neglects to water his house plants. His throat becomes sore. He waters his plants and at the same moment, his sore throat goes away.
    Yes. That is what a coincidence is.

  2. Plants do communicate with humans; many humans communicate with plants, mostly telepathically but orally as well, this is normal and love is reciprocated, as scientifically documented. You give healing and plants do it too. Plants do send signals of distress and you are attuned to feel these vibrations. When it happens, relax, and tell them you love them, water them, if they need it, give them healing, if they want it, and thank them for letting you know their needs.
    Don’t worry, under watering is not going to kill your plants as much as over watering can hurt them.
    For fast grounding it helps to clap hands for a few times and a shower helps too; for a thorough job there are many purifying and grounding meditations and self-healing works wonders. You need and deserve time to take care of yourself, and then you’ll be able to take good care of others. Be well!

  3. I don’t know what to call it. The only way I can even come close to explaining it is because you use your plants often for grounding you now have a type of connection with them. It’s a type of empathy.

  4. Here is the problem I see in what you’ve done. You’ve kept that energy trapped inside the pots.
    Personally when I do grounding I see it going into the earth. You know like roots from my feet going through whatever is between me and the earth. Then as I do this I ask that the energy be cleansed so the earth can use it.
    Since you are putting your energy into these plants you are connected to them. When they suffer you do too.

  5. Some might argue that this is a psychosomatic experience, but I’d say this is an example of empathy.
    Need I suggest you water your plants more often? 😉

  6. House plants help purify the air you breathe. If your fail to water the plants, they are too weak to purify the air and you would be breathing “less pure” air as a result. This could cause you some health problems as you described.
    Plants can remove a variety of toxic air emissions including ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene and trichloroethytene.
    Mother Fern, one of the best at purifying the air, is a very popular houseplant because it is easy to care for, thrives in indirect light and with little moisture, and is very attractive
    Other goods plants are:
    Dragon tree
    Spider plants
    Peace lilies

  7. water them then you don’t get sick. you’re giving them your energy, so i guess you’re somehow connected to them… for the love of god, don’t let them die!!!

  8. The house plants are in pots, as opposed to directly in the earth, they might need to be grounded also, and perhaps watering them helps them to cleanse the energy from themselves, also as we feel better able to put out better energy with things like good diet and nutrition, the plants likely feel better and put out better energy when they have everything they need…. I like to go sit under a tree, and work with that, my self, or if unable to, to visualize being a tree for a little bit….

  9. Watering the plants have nothing to do with it, It sounds like you have allergy problems, As many does, Years ago, I could cut wood & no problem But as I grew older I became more allergic to even mowing grass. There is medication you can take for allergies without it making you sleepy.

  10. sounds like your plants use the watering to cleanse themselves. You have to water them regularly to make sure they get a chance to cleanse, or they will start to radiate the negativity that you are grounding into them. We must keep our tools and familiars healthy and that includes cleansing them.
    I would make sure you water them regularly, and smudge around them once a month on a waining moon.

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