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A question on getting a succubus on world of warcraft?

Can you get a succubus after level 20? how about if you forgot to get it . I’ve tried going into the slaughterlamb but the Darkin guy doesn’t give me the quest… PLEASE HELP i really want a succubus.
Thank YOU!


  1. Im pretty sure you get it at level 30, or 40. But its a long quest try wowhead.com and look at the warlock quest to see when you get it. or search succubus and look where you get the quest.

  2. If the guy in slaughterlamb doesnt give you the quest, then try ratchet and if not there then try the barrens and make sure you have “track low lvl quests” on. and if your still having problems, you can open a ticket withe a gm.

  3. Hm, very confusing. Darkin just gave it to me. I would recommend turning on ‘low level quests’ as a search item. That should light him up but then again, it should have just showed up when you clicked on him anyway.
    Is it greyed out? If it is, then you may have picked up that step already and just check your quest log under Warlock quests to see if it’s there. Then continue on. If you check your quest log and it’s not there AND Darkin won’t give you the quest…
    I would suggest going to Lago Blackwrench in Ironforge. He should be able to give you Gakin’s Summons which is the quest just before the succubus quests.
    If *that* doesn’t work,then I’d suggest going to see Takar in the Barrens. He’s the one that gives you the quest for the heartswood needed for ‘the binding’.
    If *that* doesn’t work, then I would hit the ‘help request’ button in your roughly bottom right screen. Press ‘talk to a gm’ and then open a ticket. They should be able to reset your quest log for that particular quest.
    The succubus is over-rated for its combat purpose but makes a very sexy sidekick.
    Good luck!


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