The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra a 4000 year old Hindu text explains a breath techinique seemingly identical to the one Buddha used for enlightenment Why is it written that Buddha created this technique?


  • Many ideas were taken by Buddha from Hinduism. In fact Buddhist philosophy has roots in Upanishads.

    Post Buddha Buddhist writers ascribed many fresh ideas to Buddha, even those already present. Same here.

  • Since Buddhism is knowingly based off of Hinduism, many ideas and teachings are similar to Hinduism.

    So don’t be surprised to find somethings similar to Hinduism in Buddhism.

  • I think maybe you misinterpreted something…

    Where is it supposedly written that Buddha “created” a breathing technique?

    I’ve never heard that before… Buddha was a perpetual student… everything he did, he learned from the Hindus…

    He became enlightened through practice… not by “creating”.

    One could just as easily make an assumption that old Jewish texts should have nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ… but one obviously sprung from the former…

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