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a question for those who practice magick?

how important to you are “magickal days”? For example, Friday would be beneficial for a ritual drawing love into your life. Can this be done any other day of the week, or is friday just the preferred day?


  1. I’ve seen some traditions that relate the planets to the days of the week (in your example, Friday = Venus), which thus relates it to certain aspects like love, the element copper, stones like rose quartz, candle colors pink & green, this particular incense, etc. The same goes for other days of the week and other aspects. There’s always a set of associated colors, stones, deities, etc. for the theme of the spell. Some schools of thought say that having more things in that category will help improve your ritual.
    So while there’s no rule that (to use the same example) a love spell has to necessarily be done on a Friday, just as you don’t “have” to use a pink candle or don’t “have” to use rose oil, etc., it’s the accumulation of all these things that contributes to a ritualistic setting. In short: you don’t have to utilize the days of the week, but it certainly can’t hurt.

  2. I find the use of planetary days to be a great way to do magic, but mostly, I work in the phases of the moon.
    However, you can, in addition to using the days of the week for timing your spells use timing by planetary hours. You get a double whammy if you allign an hour of Mars with the day of Mars.
    Please note that it is not the actual heavenly bodies that we are speaking of when we talk about planetary energies. The planets are a convenient naming system for the different flows of energy through time.
    There are a couple of ways to do planetary hours. I use the lazy way, by using a chart for each day of the week to know what hour of the day a planet is dominant. Another way is to divide up the daylight and night time hours and divide each of those by 12, giving the daytime “hour” length and night time “hour” length different intervals. It’s not too horribly complicated, but it is tedious. There are, however, online calculators.
    There are some links below to calculators, charts, sigils, squares, and other info on planetary magick.

  3. Not really. Friday being Freya’s Day (some say Frigg’s day) and Freya is the “goddess of love and war” *If you can’t lay em – Slay em*. I can see the connection. But I don’t view days like that.

  4. Well magic is science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will. How you go about that and what system you use is completely up to you.
    If you are using a system of magic or practicing a tradition were Friday has that great significance, then by all means do your love rituals on that day. If not, then don’t worry about. Do what works for you.

  5. Why Fridays, specifically?
    Magic does not care what day of the week you practice. The sabbats are important and they are celebrated at specific astronomical dates (as opposed to calendar dates).
    You can do magic at any time, day or night, but be very clear as to your intentions when doing magic, because there are consequences to improperly done spells.

  6. Timing can be very complex if you want it to be, days, astrological signs, planetary hours, etc.
    I personally believe proper timing can lend some energy to a working… and any little boost can help. however I don’t go out of my way to time things perfectly if there is a need to have something done.
    If the “best” timing is inconvenient or not coming up anytime soon, screw it. You work with what you got.

  7. Well, personally, I’m against love spells of any kind, so I would neither perform them on a Friday nor any other day of the week, but regardless… you don’t really need to worry about all the associations with the days and the stones and herbs and colours and all that fun and goodness. Because really, they’re just bells and whistles. It might help, but it may very well be just as deterrent, if you get too caught up in the shiny colours and things and forget what your real goal is. In the end, all you need is you and your intent.

  8. 93,
    As a Ceremonialist, I can be a bit anal about it. I’m a fan of the Solomonic Tradition where each day is ruled by a planetary concept, and each “Hour,” of that day is another planetary influence. In the Solomonic idea system, something can be done on any day as it is the hour that matters more [After all, calendars change].
    Of course, even beyond that, I care much more about the position of the stars, as every little thing should remind one of the larger picture.
    93 93/93

  9. Somewhat important. If need be, it can be done on any day of the week. But you certainly get better results if you take into account days of the week, moon phase, astrology and stuff like that.
    Every little “ingredient” counts a bit.
    Just like with cooking: if you use cheap store-bought stuff imported from China, you’ll make a soup alright, but it will never that quite as good as the one you make from local organic home-grown seasonal produce.


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