Home Discussion Forum A question for those who meditate and/or follow Buddhist or Taoist precepts...?

A question for those who meditate and/or follow Buddhist or Taoist precepts…?

Do you agree that many times upon awakening the spirit of the human such abilities as ‘psychic’ or ‘clairvoyant’ traits become apparent?
“According to many Taoist- and Buddhist-related practices, abilities such as clairvoyance and many other ‘supernormal’ abilities are by-products of spiritual awakening and the realisation of divine consciousness. Integral to spiritual and mind expansion is breathwork and meditation. By expanding lung capacity and learning to use the lungs as a ‘bellows’ to direct qi (Chinese: æ°£ qì, meaning “air”) around the body and open the subtle energy channels we also naturally expand the mind and refine consciousness. This is how these seemingly miraculous powers develop, though they are not truly miraculous. They are considered to be latent abilities that everyone possesses but need ‘waking up.'”–wikipedia
I believe this to be ture…what do you think?


  1. I have meditated deeply and found a bright light. I have placed myself into a deep state of sublimation and been conscious of the outside world but was trapped for several minutes, unable to break through. These are all effects of the imagination and the minds way of convincing us that we have found nervana, etc. You waste your time looking for profound things beyond yourself. You cannot control these revelations, so try to live in the natural world. Be a good and productive person in realtiy, and leave the oriental philosophy to those who can’t cope with real life.

  2. Yes it is absolutely true.It is the awakening of the ‘Kundalini Shakti” (India), Serpentine Power (English) that the miraculous powers develop.This has been recognised by western thinkers like Gunther, Madam Blavatsky,etc.The location of this is in the lowest part of the spine inside the ‘Mooladhar’ Chakra (India), Pelvic Plexus (English).

  3. the energy exists. it can move around you and i s characterised by heat as it does so. I believe knowledge of it’s existence allows you to more readily open and focus the healing capacity of the mind and i’m not even good with it i think because I was brought up in a world that does not know it.
    I don’t understand it in a prescribed way I know of chi points and chi energy but couldn’t create it until i went to of all things ‘alexander technique’ classes. I don’t know if it can be ‘turned off’ but mine is ‘on’ – I am constantly aware of the energy since those alexander technique lessons about 10 years ago. during this time my spiritual side has gained focus and i think that some of that spiritual focus is gained from knowledge of inner energy. It certainly forms a link between mind and body proving they are less separate than i was led to believe.

  4. You only reach that level when you have acquired full control over
    your consciouses mind, highest levels of concentration and awareness. It is only when you have broken free of your consciouses that you step into higher realms of consciousness – and more you become attune with your new metaphysical sense, you start learning to use your new abilities.
    Easy way to explain is the dimension you dream in when you’re sleep, one second you’re in NY next you’re in LA. The first lesson always is to achieve highest levels of concentration.

  5. Yes, and they are merely distractions in the effort toward enlightenment. I have had rwo significant out of body experiences an d then decided to attend to daily life.


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