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A Question For Those Able To See Auras And Energy Fields?

Okay, I have been looking for an answer to this on the internet, and I cannot seem to find anything, so I am hoping someone who knows a lot about auras can help me out.
A pagan friend taught me how to read auras, and I can read those of other people, but I cannot read my own. However, every time someone has told me about mine, it’s always a mix of blue and violet/purple, with some aqua in it. That has been verified by several separate people who do not know each other. My question is about a different color. Several complete strangers who do not read auras have approached me and told me they can see a strange pillar of goldish/white light around me, which one described as looking like flames swirling all around me. It seems to be independent of my aura, as it has happened at least once the same day that someone read my regular aura. Any ideas on what this might mean? I cannot find anything about it anywhere. Another puzzle is that the people who see it are religious.
Thank you.
I welcome the input of all people, but if you choose to rebuke me for discussing auras, please know that I will respond by ignoring you.
One of the women I know who reads auras is a deeply religious Christian woman. She learned to read them when she trained in some advanced techniques at massage therapy school, because they had to learn to work with chakras and energy flow patterns in the body. She didn’t know she could see them until she asked the instructor why she was seeing colors and feeling strange sensations in her hands as she worked on people. Her experience with auras has not changed her faith in any way, except for maybe by expanding it, and her belief of what exists in this world.


  1. Ignore it if you wish, but I have to tell you there’s no such thing as auras, and you’re living in delusion if you think you can see them.

  2. I believe the pillar of goldish/white light is psychic ability that you possess, and you also have some healing abilities as well.

  3. I read auras and teach others to also
    but I have never heard of this flame type thing
    although the aura pulsates and that may explain what they mean
    our aura is ever changing also , so it is unusual for it to remain the same over any length of time
    although we do have some predominant colours due to our personality and general health etc ( which would be your blue/vioket/aqua no doubt )
    what is nice though is , that the whites and golds are usually more spiritual and innocent colours … often seen around children or deeply spiritual people , so perhaps it may be that for the short time after one of these readings, you are more in tune with this aspect and that is why it is seen at that particular time
    sorry to disagree with some of the people here
    purple would show psychic abilities and green would be for healing

  4. this link might be helpful.
    not everyone, even those who can see auras, might be able to “see” that high of “frequency” of energy,
    some of the energy things like that, are similar to light, in that there are a variety of frequencys.
    from my understanding gold int he aura is relatively uncommon/obscure, and alot who can see auras have never seen it. though, it is a very good thing.

  5. It’d be interesting to see your response if your “ability” were put to the test. How far would you go in denying reality if we were to demonstrate to you that you can’t see “auras” after all?
    Robin (below), you’re wrong about a number of things. First of all, the burden of evidence is on the person claiming the ability, and no, claiming it over and over again is not evidence. Secondly, whatever books you’re talking about that say we’ve only mapped 10% of the brain aren’t science books. You apparently don’t know the difference between science and pseudoscience.
    I repeat that it would be quite interesting to see the response of the “aura” believer to a test of her claims. Frankly, I find the amazing arrogance of the psychic believers appalling.

  6. BlueLady is right. It would be psychic abilities as well as healing.
    And to those who claim it’s delusional… please prove it scientifically. Because according to most of the science books I have read… we’ve only mapped approx 10% of the brain and it’s functions, the rest they guess at. This is one area where science does not do research as it does for other things, basically because people just say “it’s delusional” without any back-up. ^_^ (Is willing to bet that those who say this will say “But that type of science isn’t a True Science – sound familiar?)

  7. Hmmm…I don’t know a thing about them but am curious if they can be seen in a photograph? Does each color mean something? If they can be seen in a photograph does relation and geneology find a similar pattern in aura color? OK…I know those were questions not answers.

  8. I tried practicing witchcraft reading people’s auras and such and I got a brain tumour and the doctors couldn’t figure out what it was that was growing inside my head or how it got there and I read in a jehovah witness pamphlet months later that if you experience those symptoms, your eye ball is literally falling out of it’s socket… I say reality can be reconfigured, in the same way that white light can be dissected into seven colors… but the apprehension of it is dissassociation and that this in itself is dangerous. Hope that makes sense.


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