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A question for Athesits and others if they want to anwser, what do you think of Taoism?

Just curious about your thoughts about it.
I’ve put this question to a vote because many of you have given great answers.


  1. I can’t recall a Taoist ever trying to convince me I was wrong to not think like they do. So far good people in my opinion.

  2. I don’t know enough about it to really have a strong opinion. From what I know, all I can say is that I appreciate that the average Taoist stays out of my hair.

  3. Just like Christianity,I don’t care much for it…but I had a really good friend who was into the whole Taoism thing.

  4. The world’s principal religions and spiritual traditions may be classified into a small number of major groups or world religions. The vast majority of religious and spiritual adherents follow one of Christianity (33% of world population), Islam (20%), Hinduism (13%), Chinese folk religion (6%) or Buddhism (5%).
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  5. Don’t know much about it. It’s more of a philosophy than a religion, in’t it? Anyway, any one philosophy will confine thought.

  6. I think highly of them…They are one of the most non-violent religions around. Most would’nt even step on a bug if it could be avoided. They believe there’s one life force ( Tao ) that’s inside of everyone / thing.
    And they don’t go around killing people who don’t believe as they do.
    They also won’t come knocking on your door at 9AM on a Saturday morning trying to sell you silly comic books for 25 cents.
    EDIT: The Tao of Pooh is a great book to start with !

  7. It’s like a breath of cool air after listening to Christians fighting over who interprets the bible correctly, who is going to hell and who is saved, whether this or that is a sin… Give me Tao Te Ching or Chuan Tsu any day over the bloodthirsty mess of the Christian bible.

  8. I’m all for compassion, moderation and humility, but think that the polytheistic folk spirit stuff is wacko.
    There are a lot of different branches of Taoism- some being silly, others a wise and wonderful way to look at life.
    So, from a top level, I like it. But, like any tool, it’s highly depended on how it’s used.

  9. It’s OK as far as it goes. All the materials I have ever read about the Tao implies the abscence of definability, neither thought nor no thought. Tientai had the 9th level of consciousness. The Hindus have nirvana. Moderns have the metamorphic field.
    It is true that the aim of enlightenenment-yearning hearts is in the same direction, the problems arise when descriptions and explanations are created. Those become a focal point, rather than release from limitation..

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