A question for astrology people: How compatible are 2 tauruses?

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I’m a girl (april 30th) and he’s april 28th. we’re a year apart and unsurprisingly have a LOT in common.

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Liam O

That’s a lot of bull. Luck to you both.


They are very compatible, but it could be tricky because there won’t be any good qualities to balance out your bad qualities (which is why some signs are more compatible then others).


since taureans r very stubborn, i dunno if ur life will be smooth!


You have to have their natal chart done in order to compare any aspects between planets.
I had my love compatibility reading done few weeks ago for me and my boyfriend and the details report gives details of aspect such as my venus trine to his sun (which is very good) etc….
The reading I received is amazing and if you want to know how compatible you are, I recommand you strongly to visit the website where I have got my reading from:


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