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A question about Wicca and Pagan practices?

I don’t know much about wicca or other pagan practices, Here is my question. How does wicca and other pagan practices view drinking alcohol smoking cigarettes, looking at pornography, cussing etc… Are there rules against any of that? I know what other religions think of all that, just thought I’d find out what other beliefs view it as to broaden my knowledge.


  • One of the most important things about Wicca is that it is a relgion for ADULTS – -those who are ready, willing and able to assume responsibility for themselves and their actions — AS WELL AS whatever results or consequences flow therefrom.

    So as a Wiccan, you would be entitled to make your own decisions about such things, but you are also entitled to experience whatEVER consequences — good or ill — come from your choices;

    IOW, you’d have nobody but yourself to blame if you killed a baby or yourself (not to mention wreck your kidneys and liver) by driving drunk, develop cancer or emphysema from smoking, wreck your relationships and wind up absolutely alone from your porn habit, etc, or whatever —
    And then have to come back and try to learn all the lessons you didn’t learn in this life.


  • Those things are all unhealthy or bad behaviors,
    and it doesn’t take any religious beliefs to know
    that… most “pagan” religions have no exact rules
    about such things but people are expected to use
    their own judgement and try to lead an honorable
    and healthy life… How you behave will influence
    the sort of life you have, etc.

  • I can’t speak for all pagans of course because we don’t all subscribe to any one set dogma – or any dogma for that matter 😉

    There’s how I view them for myself and how I view them for others. Any and all of them you mentioned in excess for myself would be very much wrong but that’s more on a personal level than a religious one. Smoking for me personally is out.

    For others, I feel they all have to find their own personal/spiritual balance and what’s right for me is no measure of what is right for some one else.

  • Paganism is too broad of a category to draw any conclusions, but suffice it to say that I know many pagans who do at least one or more of the behaviors you mentioned. Sometimes quit liberally. (Of course, I know many Christians who do them too…)

    Wicca specifies that you “harm none” including yourself… but since “harm” is subjective (don’t get me started on that) you’ll get different answers from them too, but I would say that some of those behaviors, if taken to the extreme, would be self-destructive and harmful.

    Personally, I have no rules against drinking, smoking, porno or cussing. Ok, I take that back… I have a rule against smoking, but I don’t know if I would count that as a religious rule, more like a personal preference.

    There is no pan-pagan rule prohibiting any of those behaviors. Some individuals and groups might encourage moderation, however, in pursuit of the higher self.

  • Seriously, you cannot generalize about pagan practices. Druids are a lot different from Hindus. I’m guessing you’re meaning neopagans, who frequently call themselves pagans? I’m always a little leary generalizing, as they ARE still separate religions, and some can have very substantial differents. however, in my experience neopagans do not have strict rules against such things, although some do have religious reasons for avoiding such things, such as polluting the body.

    Wicca specifically has no list of forbidden actions. But we do encourage people to consider the consequences of actions and accept the repercussions. That outlook tends to result in moderation.

  • i dont know to be honest
    but i have never met any pagans on here who have any real problems with anyone else doing these things
    i dont think its a requirment of any of th epagan bleeif systems/religions

    me personally, porno, alcohol , swearing, fine by me, all healthy all natural
    smoking= giving yourself cancer, not my thing

  • Well, Pagan is such a broad category that so many religions fall under, I can’t speak for all of them.

    I am Wiccan… Wicca doesn’t have any set of rules about such things. More like we have moral/ethical philosophies, and it’s up to each individual to hash it out for themselvesd what they think of it.

    One of the thiings my religion espouses is looking for healthy balance in all things, for trying not to harm, taking personal responsibility for yourself, etc.

    So in my view, some of the behaviors you metion would be against my interpretation of Wiccan morals, some would be okay.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with drinking. But abusing alcohol getting piss drunk or being dependent upon it, drinking and riving, etc, this would be wrong.

    Smoking is just– toxic chemicals. I used to smoke; I didn’t feel right about putting those chemicals in my body.

    Pornography– I look at that industry and for the most part I think they perpetuate an unhealthy attitude towards sex. It’s not sexual freedom– it’s slavery to a different master.

    I see sex as sacred. I see pornography as exploiting it, just as badly as tearing down a rainforest to put up a quickie-mart exploits nature. It also exploits people with very poor self images who would do anything for money… have you known many people in the sex industry? I have… I used to sell
    sexy lingerie when I lived in NYC and befriended some strippers who spread the word, eventually models, actresses, etc. involved in the porn industry were my customers.

    One after the other will tell you stories of abuse, of being molested as a child, of growing up with parents who neglected them or abandonded them… have histories (or current problems) with substance abuse, depression, mental illness, etc… seems to me a lot of people turn to this business because they are in need of attention or love (and they confuse a sexual touch with love). I’ve also known guys who totally have taken their image of women & love from porn movies, and it’s not healthy either… I used to think there was really no harm, but in fact, I do think it is harmful… and sad…

    Cussing… well, taboo words, no big thing, unless you are using them to hurt others or in inappropriate situations. Kind of like there is nothing inherently evil about body odor, but it can be offensive in public so you have to try to avoid it out of respect for others.

    I’m not going to judge anyone for the choices or moral stances they make…. but just because I am Wiccan does not mean I think every choice is okay.

  • The thing that you need to understand is that there is no supervisory organization that sets rules for these religions. Each group sets its own rules. So, if you are a solitary practitioner, you can make your own rules. However, in Wicca, there is the rule to harm none. Most people would say you weren’t a Wiccan if you disregarded that. Additionally, in other practices, Druidism/Heathenism/etc, there may be some beliefs that are part of what distinguishes them. They would say you weren’t really of their religion if you disregarded their beliefs. If any practice clashes with those beliefs, I would say they were against them, but there really is no rule.

    http://www.religioustolerance.org is a good site to get basics on most religions.

  • the only real rule in wicca is ‘if it doesn’t harm anyone, do what you want’.

    that ‘anyone’ applies to other people of course, not to yourself- you can basically do what you want as long as it doesn’t negatively affect another person. if you’re a total alcoholic and hurting your family because of alcohol, you could say that you are then harming others- but if you’re having a quiet drink with friends- how are you harming anybody? again, seeing a prostitute, swearing, looking at pron- it doesn’t harm anybody if the other people involved did it willingly/ gave their permission

    paganism is really a broad umbrella term for a collection of beliefs, so it would be hard to define what the rules were.

  • Well, everyone in every religion twist things around. If you want to be pure and genuine, you really have to dig deep down your heart and follow your believe system.

    Wicca / Paganism has been around forever, even before Christianity or Judaism. They worship Nature and praise “god” who provided them this beautiful planet………..

    What they do not know is who is “God the creator”? so they worship the “creation” instead.

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