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A question about the 11:11 Phenomena (Lightworkers)?

If you haven’t heard of the 11:11 phenomena, It is usually an occurrence of multiple sightings of the numbers 11:11, 1:11, 1:1, 111, 1111, etc. From what I’ve learned, There are three strongly recognized meanings. One, There is a message from the Angels, of higher dimensional beings, telling you that you are on the right track. Another theory is that this number is used as a trigger to awaken us, to help us remember something stored in our memory banks and dna.
A third reason, and the one I am starting to accept, is that it is a trigger for remembrance of what was lost; a collective consciousness. It is used as a trigger for a race of beings called Lightworkers. Lightworkers, signed up for the duty of awakening all the beings they can to this truth and spreading and sustaining “the light”. I believe this theory to a certain extent because when skimming websites and reading the characteristic of a lightworker, they all matched up, for the most part, along with seeing 11:11.
Now, I know that explanation is extremely vague, as I just started researching, but that’s not what is at question. As I was skimming along a website, it was explained that seeing 11:11 may not always be a sign that you yourself are a lightworker, but maybe a sign that you are put here to guide your children or meet a fellow lightworker.
Now, to the question.
There is this girl, I like her alot. And the funny thing is, that we seem to have an almost telepathic, spiritual communion. We don’t see each other too often but we always feel so close, or at least I do.
And at the occurrence of a sighting of 11:11 always seems to revolve around her. Such as, a text from her at 11:11, a call, a page in a book that reminded me of her and many other indirect ways. She also says that she see’s the number 11:11 or 1:11 revolve around me too.
What I’m trying to ask is, Since the number revolves her or both of us, does that mean that she is a lightwworker, or that we both are? Or, even stranger, if we were to ever have children would our specific duties be to raise a lightworker?
I know this is far-fetched but pertaining to the principal, what do you think it means that we are both seemingly connected to eachother by the number 11:11?


  1. Personally I think individuals meanings are, well, individual.
    111 (1:11) is mine, but for me it’s always been connected to a loved one that passed away some years ago. I saw it very frequently the first five years. It seems to have let up last year, but it still comes now and then, perhaps some is coincidence of course, though if something is up (like when I had to leave work heat sick last summer) it still turns up when needed…like a certain someone letting me know he is there when needed.
    Esp. because the heat getting to you like that can be really dangerous and I didn’t have anyone with me while walking out through that hot parking lot. But then I glace over to a car behind me…111 license plate. Heck, I even used to wonder if there was a solid 111 plate in my state, but I figured it might even be on the opposite end of the state…but wouldn’t you know it I DID see that car once. Turned into my old high school even.

  2. What I have read on it is, The number 11 itself is considered a Master Number in Numerology. It is known for strong sensitivity and empathic ability along with a high level of intuitive perception, but I’m sure you already know that. You seem to know about as much as I do, about lightworker’s and all. I really think experiencing the phenomenon, we are here to inspire others and we do this by offering the information and messages that their guides, higher self, and inner voice provides. We are here to uplift humanity, and that’s a very difficult role to fulfill, but one which brings with it a great deal of both external and internal reward. Basically, it is as if a reminder or a way for you to notice that you are on the right path, or that’s how I took it. For me personally, the more I noticed it (11, or 11:11), the better my life way turning out. Some sources say that when it happens often, there is a spiritual being, present. It is then that you must ‘realize’ why you are noticing the time and number, and what is being laid out in your life. Perhaps this girl is your connection, I believe so. I take the coincidences as clues by the spirit world, or by my spiritual guiders. I would say continue on that path of what’s going on in your life, and coincidences aren’t usually coincidences at all. Hope this helps and best of luck.


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