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A question about telepathy??

OK, so I ordinarily don’t believe in these things, but when the phone rings I know who’s calling (no caller ID), sometimes I know what people are gonna say before they say it, and 2 nights ago I dreamt of this couple I haven’t seen in a year, and the next day I heard they’re getting married a day later. Does this mean I have telepathy? what exactly is telepathy? How can I know for sure? I often dream of people and then I see them or they call me after I didn’t talk to them for ages. What does it all mean??
by the way, Slartibartfast, I do seem to bring luck to people. but personally, I think it’s just coincidence.
OMG, Relicurl, you just reminded me! my grandmother used to say that she would dream stuff and then they would come true – like once she dreamt her late father came and told her that her brother is sick, but he’ll be ok, and the next day she found out that her brother really was sick.
Oh, and also I have deijavou’s ALOT. Does it have anything to do with it?
thanx snowflakesun… got it. lol.


  1. could be.
    Or it could be that when you dream of people and don’t see them the next day, you think nothing of it. You only notice when you do see them.
    Knowing what people are going to say just means that you are insightful. You pick up on a bunch of little clues and put them together in your head so fast you don’t even know you are doing it.
    And you don’t notice all the times that you think someone is calling and it turns out not to be them.
    I’m not saying that telepathy isn’t real or that you’re not telepathic. Just think of all the normal reasons first.

  2. Everybody is psychic.
    It’s just that some are more psychic than others.
    Obviously you are higher up than most.
    Try doing the Lottery!
    PS: Actually, the Lottery thing is just a gag.
    My wife is extremely psychic.
    I could tell you so many things about what she has done in the past but you probably wouldn’t believe most of it.
    Any how, I took her greyhound racing once. She carefully looked at each dog’s aura and chose the one she thought would win.
    Out of 8 races she backed 8 lasts!
    Now, what’s the odds on that?

  3. That happens to me all the time. I am able to dream of what is going to happen the next day. It’s wierd. cause i don’t realize what is going to happen untill it happens agian. I don’t know if that made sense but. it’s very common in girls.

  4. telepathy is when you communicate with someone with your minds with speaking. what you have is some serious psychic abilities.

  5. Telepathy is the ability to communicate mentally. You don’t have that. You have a heightened intuition, or psychism. You sense things. Learn to manipulate it, and you have a career on your hands. I am similar, only I have to see the person to know what’s “inside” them. For instance, if I see a broke-down car on the freeway, I “know” where the passengers were going, how many times the car has been trouble, etc.

  6. Many would say that telepathy doesn’t really exist, though I think that anything is possible until proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
    Personally, I tend to believe that the human brain works on many levels at once. It gathers information more rapidly than we can even understand from a variety of sources in the natural world. It’s possible that you’re taking in all these subtle cues & you’re adept at solving the riddle of a flow of data.
    If that’s not it, then who knows….you might actually be picking up something not in the realm of the normal five senses & you should start documenting and have yourself checked out by scientists who run tests for this kind of thing. They’re out there & they could help you prove, or disprove, your skills.
    In any case, they might be able to help you figure out how you are taking in what seems to be paranormal information.

  7. Maybe you just have a good sense of people. I get the same thing too but some of the time, it’s like SNL’s Ed Glosser the trivial psychic… you know… fortelling meaningless stuff.. lmao.. It kind of nice to have though and I think you have foresight more than you have telepathy… unless you told the couples in their dream that they should get married. Telepathy is the ability to express and idea to someone else’s mind without speech or body language….. you are just able to see things before they happen… so there’s a slight distiction there.
    Have Fun with foresight… I find that getting a regular good sleep gets me forethinking well. Oh, do you know someone in your family who is like that also? That would be sort of cool if that was passed down through your anscestors somehow.


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