A question about mystical, spiritual, religious experiences and empathy, telepathy, intuition, inner sensing..?






Why does mystic experience make one more empathic, etc…?
Or must one already have an intuitive knack before one can engage the mystery?
What is the correlation?
All of you guys rock!
I don’t know what I would do without you.
Too many times, I wish we could do this forever.
Namaste, everyone!
(am I allowed to yell that? 🙂


  1. I am agnostic. I still go to Catholic church services because my parents want to “raise me right”.
    I’m not sure what defines a “good” person, but I feel that, though I am not Christian, I am still plenty familiar with the human experience.
    It doesn’t take religion to justify the human breed. It doesn’t even necessarily take any intellect or perspective. But you will be much more successful if you do have those.

  2. We are all connected and the energy vibrations of the web of life can bring ecstasy if we tune into its frequency. In my own case there was a time of clearing the mind of conditioning before I became aware of this connectedness and yet I am still fine tuning as it becomes more subtle.

  3. Empathy is not a feeling, rather, it is the ability to project oneself into the feelings, emotions, and thoughts of another. I believe mystic experience enables one and encourages one to step momentarily into the shoes of another.

  4. I believe that the small percentage of human beings that have strong ESP abilities are much more sensitive to every thing and can actually feel pain and stress in others. I think we are born with the ability’s and they grow stronger with time. And in a very few they lead to a mystic experience, and the ultimate is the message of love, a wonderful thing!
    I think these amazing ability’s our in are DNA and they seem to skip a generation.

  5. .
    Why do experiences as those make some more empathic?
    The experiences you noted are same family as trait of empathy. They are “tools” that work in harmony and dovetail well with each other.
    It would be a challenge to experience any of those traits mentioned and not be emphatic.
    To care to even wonder what’s within self or another, then the trait of empathy is more fully brought to the surface.
    Of course, not all who are spiritual, religious telepathic, etc. are necessarily empathic.
    There are some “wolves in sheeps clothing” out there who are very skilled in ways of deceit, taking advantage of certain traits within and have used certain traits and “gifts” for motive of hurt and/or self gain.
    Be kind and trusting, yet also be person of discernment and wisdom.

  6. Contact with pure consciousness is accompanied by the experience of pure positive affect (bliss). This then becomes ones ostensive definition of happiness, and since it is happiness abstracted from any particular external object, one naturally begins to dissociate one’s well being with material things. This, in turn, leads to a greater ability to remain undisturbed when external circumstances are more difficult, making external objects less of a temptation when making ethical choices. One already has what others try to get from things – joy. This allows focusing on others to be much easier.

  7. Having an idea of what one wants automatically includes some details.
    It does not matter if it is the color of the upholstery, the feeling of love or empathy, whether the person would be fat or skinny, wealthy or poor, want to have a large family or not want children, or any of the trillions of possibilities, it is a done deal the moment it is envisioned and allowed to manifest. The same applies if one has the idea that mystic experience includes the result of crucifixion or martyrdom, it must be so and only so.
    The correlation is that when you order a white stove from the department store, as long as the ordering process is clean and there are no conflicting conditions extant, the white stove must appear at your door. It is really that simple, ask and it is given. Just open the door and make sure the doorway is large enough to receive the stove.

  8. It isn’t the experience that makes us anything. We control experiences, not the other way around. There can be no secrets where there is love.
    Can we go around this law? Are there not clairvoyants that misuse their light? All evil is but appearance, it cannot do anything that is not a return for someone to learn from. It gives them a chance to change fear to love. But love expands light, it isn’t nothing.

  9. Personally I have never felt that my spiritual path could generate Mystical Seer intelligence. I suppose I have a blocked signal as I only hear my own thoughts and wisdom’s.

  10. “Mystic” experiences generally make one more empathetic because they realize a Truth: that all of us are pretty much the same. Much the same thoughts, same emotions, same pains, same fears. We’re all connected.
    One doesn’t need “knack”. Everyone has the same abilities, whether they realize it or not.

  11. You have tasted the devine. There is no separating these:
    mystical, spiritual, religious experiences and empathy, telepathy, intuition, inner sensing
    They are conditions which are overlapping and not in the least bit unusual to be found at a similar time or in a specific state. Even if you are just asking on an intellectual sense alone, you have only put these together by experiencing them somehow yourself.
    Correlation is due to something like relativity. You won’t find these conditions without the others present.
    Oh sure, some people get stuck in religious experiences that they may assign responsibility for to an authority figure or a temple or organization and go no further. These people don’t have to be spiritual at all. They have given their power and their experience to an outer source and will forget it as if they are just copying another’s answers on a test. They aren’t failing. They will do the best they know how but some people are not seekers. It takes tremendous work and sacrifice to delve into this realm.
    Remember that you must manage the emotional changes and surprises that arise with your deep inner work. This is what moves you to be on the path to find the way and why the mystic experience makes one more empathic. You are opening to the original self; you are finding your own source within yourself.
    Spirituality cannot be found without using a religious experience, ritual or practice. Many get stuck on those words and traditions and shy away from them as mere labels and dogmas.
    What I’m seeing in your question is the empathy, telepathy, intuition and inner sensing. These are spiritual experiences that you must own yourself. The more you relax and get comfy in your own skin and go inside to see who is in the more you tap into the universal truth where these conditions reside.
    Keep questioning but also just stop. STOP! Feel.
    Stay grounded. The more you soar the more you must stay rooted. Wings and feet on the ground one in front of the other. Focus on your breath. Enjoy.
    Be well

  12. i believe that mystic experiences make us more empathetic because of the nature of the experience. we cannot see the experience but we can feel it so, that feeling makes us intuitive to other feelings and get stronger with repeated experiences. we do, i feel, have to have the intuitive knack so to speak. most of us i feel are born with it and it gets stronger with repeated experiences and with the environment we are raised in(my personal experience).

  13. 🙂 It (mystic experience) often causes one to have a greater understanding of how everything is connected and how they are connected to all. So cause pain to him and the effect will hurt me.
    The “knack”.. the spark of wisdom exist in all elements of the universe. In time wisdom comes to all the children.
    I think this is the most difficult question I have ever been asked “What is the correlation?” hmmmmmm 🙂 my immediate response was simply “time” but how is desire for understanding created? I think the correlation is an aspect created when time came into existence with the first thought that sort out order to change darkness and chaos into light. But I will contemplate this some more. Do you have an answer?
    Edit… the correlation, they are one and the same for the mystic experience is caused by the spark of wisdom that exists in all, understand this and infinite unity is thus recognised.

  14. mystic experience makes one empathetic because mystic experience shows you the oneness , the unity behind all the imaginary diversity.
    intuitive knack is not needed, some people are overwhelmed by a mystical experience even though he was not on a spiritual path at all. it jsut happens when time is right, you cannot control it or make it come, for it comes from a deeper realm than the controlling, security seeking mind.

  15. intuition, empathy, inner sensing etc., are all born with us: all lying ‘minimised’ somewhere within! activating all that, is not very difficult, once you have the will power and inner urge developed for that task! The co-relation is that they are all part of the true self within, the self beyond thought, the awareness zone!

  16. Non-intellectual answer….
    Each time a candle is lit within, it dispels more of the darkness within.
    Illumination comes from dispelling the darkness within.
    The mystery will then reveal itself!
    All that will remain, is Light.

  17. These empathic abilities are dormant until sparked/ignited by a/multiple mystical experience/s…they are the result of awakening to one’s true estate. The experiences merely reveal/unveil our already-established connection in oneness through these “connector” abilities that we have missed in our ignorance. Because we are so busy amidst the brouhaha of the outer world, these abilities lie underground, untapped. Imagine a world where everyone has unleashed the pathways of connection to one another…Brilliant!
    i am Sirius

  18. Each subject mentioned has to be dealt with separately. All these are mental functions. At different stages of advancement in spiritual line, one gets new areas opening up. With more perfection and ardent devotion, one can reach higher and higher stages.

  19. If one is expecting (intuitive knack etc) his mind can cook up ‘experience’ like in a dream. Mystic/Spiritual experience courtesy of one’s guru comes of the blue without any kind of premonition/intuition or expectation.It is for this reason that this experience makes one more emphatic that he is on the real path.There is absolutely no correlation of any kind.

  20. You have many good and interesting answers here. As usual it seems I am coming late to the discussion. But it allows me to say that most answers will come from a bottom up or a top down point of view. Bottom up will give you experiences and top down will give you a philosophy as a starting point.
    Some will be decidedly religious or mystical in their basis and some will be more secular. Somewhat of a bridge between these two perspectives that discusses both the top down and the bottom up starting points is an interesting movie called “What the Bleep Do We Really Know,” 1 In it metaphysics and some recent findings in Quantum mechanics are compared with some amazing similarities. From both perspectives there is a suggestion that we are all connected. Even physically some of the atoms that one person exhales is being inhaled by another. Even over time it can be said that some of the same air breathed by Galileo I am breathing now.
    The list that says we are part of the same experience is quite large. We live on the same planet, breath the same air, are the same species, share a similar list of emotions, are part of the same countries or the same culture… and yet all that we tend to concentrate on is our differences. We say that we are individuals and have our own identy. In some philosophys this is the illusion. Our sense of separateness and individual ego binds us to what is “unreal”
    The mystic journey is an attempt to see through that unreality. (The third Matrix movie borrowed a sanscrit chant to that goal, played during the credits at the end: in English, “lead me from the unreal to the real…) So it is no wonder that intuition, empthy, or an inner sensing would increase as the “static” of separateness declines.
    Telepathy is a bit of a different matter. Telepathy is considered part of the occult. There are many other abilities that may be grouped together under this heading. Sometimes people become interested in the occult and then gradually appreciate that what they were really after was a taste of reality and not added abilities over an already clouded perspective.
    Although there are mystical paths that suggest that occult powers are a sign of a greater mystical understanding, this may be a popular misconception. I don’t believe thay are directly connected. Nor is it necessary for someone to acquire or pursue occult capacities in order to pursue a personal life of discovery.
    If we were to wait for some capacity or condition or another before we would start our journey we would never start. There would always be one thing or another to be or to do. The message is clear. No, today we should start as we are and where we are with all our capacities and incapacities.

  21. There are already plenty of excellent answers to this excellent question.
    I noticed how positive and uplifting this discussion is. It seems to have attracted the same kind of people!!!

  22. Does one engage the mystery, or does the mystery engage the one? Maybe a bit of both, all at once? 😉
    I have nothing more to add, really; for as flip33 above me has said… there are plenty of amazing answers here already. I have just been checking back on this question to read more as people post em.
    You’re brilliant {{{Sunman}}} 🙂
    I guess I should add that, to me, the correlation is…
    “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

  23. A mystic experience does not make one more empathic. Rather, it strips away the hardened layers of false belief and thought forms to reveal the true being which knows it is one with all and feels the connection to all that were perceived as other. Then, most times, the false belief and thought forms are reestablished and only the memory of the experience is left. Each time this happens the hard shell of absolute certainty is weakened and some of the aspects of true being shine through dimly. How brittle or rigid the shell of belief and thought forms is determines how much of true being shines through.

  24. I understand the trick is to find a tree with a knot-hole in it, plug the index finger of the left hand into it, and soak up the vibrations of the Earth while muttering the secret name of the Ineffable Being. It won’t achieve much in changing reality, but at least it will avoid observing it for a while, and take ones mind off Israel and other bothersome thoughts.

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