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A question about Erectile Dysfunction?

My husband is able to get a good erection. He has no problem getting one just about any time. However, he can’t sustain it. He reaches orgasm very rapidly, within 2-3 minutes of engaging in coitus. This does not give me a chance to enjoy myself.
Is this a form of erectile dysfunction? All the websites say things like “can’t sustain an erectile long enough to have successful sex.” As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t successful. We tried slowing down our intimacy, using different techniques like tantra, and even allowing him to reach orgasm and try again…The second time around it lasts a bit longer, but still not long enough. Can anything be done?


  1. It seems to be a fairly common occurence these days, stress, worry, work politics, bills etc, all these things don’t help. It nearly always psychological. There are plenty of natural cures out there.

  2. Technically, it is not erectile dysfunction, since he is able to get hard enough for penetration and maintain it to ejaculation. What he does have is premature ejaculation. It is fairly common with younger men who are often less experienced and very excited. In my 20’s I had trouble lasting very long at all (a couple times even ejaculating prior to penetration). I relied on other means to getting the woman to orgasm BEFORE penetration. That minimizes the need/pressure to not ejaculate too soon. Does he even know that you are not satisfied? He might need a careful discussion on it.


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