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Have you noticed that ego is more interested in happiness than it is in building itself up? It is, after all, why ego strives. This is what makes it possible for ego to allow itself to dissolve. As it’s noticed that the less it exerts itself, the easier life becomes and the more joy and peace shows up, it becomes progressively more willing to let go. This is found to be a key element in spiritual progress.
Frontal lobe:
By “building up”, I mean attempts to create temporary happiness by becomming more. Smarter, stronger, prettier, more successful, more powerful, more loved, more respected, etc. What we might call worldly goals.


  1. It seems to me that what the ego is most interested in is convincing us that those external qualities, conditions, and objects and our attachment to them is what makes us happy, rather than sifting through them all to attempt true realization.
    Now, I am wondering – is it the ego that allows itself to dissolve? Or is there something else….

  2. The problem with my ego is it does not seem at all concerned with my happiness. It attempts to put me into dangerous situations that may end our lives. Yes I say our because my ego can be so indifferent at times it is as if it is a separate entity.

  3. Ego is the last stumbling block to salvation/nirvana.
    We have a strong desire to exist. And thats what is problematic.
    When we want to exist , we want to fulfill desires as well and the cycle of birth – death -rebirth goes on.
    In order to achieve salvation , Buddha recommends that , at the time of death try to do this exercise :
    I dont exist
    Nothing belongs to me ( I have nothing)
    I have no soul
    By realizing this an ego which calls itself a soul , forsakes what it holds up as ‘I’ . When ‘I’ is forsaken , what is left behind for regeneration ???

  4. In a way, ego is our savior. Without the dualistic nature of the ego/energy, we would never tire of this “thorn in our side”. This ‘irritation’ gives birth to the ‘seeker’. It is much like the sand in the oyster that forms the pearl.
    That’s what methinks! =)
    Great question!

  5. I bow to you, oh wised learned teacher, and friend!
    You always seem to know the right words to say, at just the right moments. Seems to be inherent in us all, huh?
    Just gotta let that ego dissolve before we actually real-eyes that.
    {{{{{{{{{ cosmic hugz }}}}}}}}}

  6. I agree most of your lines. But can you clarify what you mean building itself up? Do you mean building itself up from ignorance? 🙂

  7. That is why it is more blessed to give than to receive.
    Learning to love God more, and love yourself less—brings harmony and peace to your soul.

  8. Very true, yes, ego doesn’t bring happiness, ego goes hand in hand with haughtyness, and God does not like haughtyness in us.

  9. Yep
    Only two things our egos fear death and embarrassment.
    In direct challenge our egos rise up to shade us from scrutiny filling us with darkness. Do we find bliss as a road to enlightenment or should we separate from the world by becoming aware that nothing matters or is there as Buddha said a “Middle” road?
    I’m still searching the Spartan path.
    Blessed Be!

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