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A question about auras?

Well, two actually.
1) Whats the name of the ability to pick up on auras?
2) If develped enough, could you use it to locate people (example: In the mornings when I wake up can tell who is in which room of the house just by concentrating.) Is it possible to develop it further?
Sensible answers only please.


  1. It is believed that auras may be viewed by the naked eye, though some psychics, like Edgar Cayce, believe this ability weakens with age. Focused training may be undergone in an attempt to improve one’s ability to see auras. Layers of aura are seen as separate and distinct, yet connected to all of the remaining layers. Auras are also thought of as special kind of shields which certainly have more defensive power. The odic force may be thought of as a similar phenomenon.
    W.E. Butler has connected auras with clairvoyance and etheric, mental, and emotional emanations. He classifies aura into two main types: etheric and spiritual. Robert Bruce classifies auras into three types: etheric, main, and spiritual. Various books have been written that derive various personality traits based upon the specific colors of the different layers of the aura. Auras are thought to be related to the etheric subtle body and to serve as a visual measure of the state of the health of the physical body. Auras are not thought to be actual light but a translation of other unknown sensory readings that is added to our visual processing. According to Bruce they are not seen in complete darkness and cannot be seen unless some portion of the person or object emitting the aura can also be seen

  2. theres not really a name for it its more common in empaths though….and yes ive used meditaion to learn to control it….and yes if youve got enough training behind you it is possible to sense who is where

  3. auras? no no no, your really confused. auras arnt what people think they are, and f you knew what you were really seeing and sensing, you woulnt want to. you cant develop this sense, if you could, everyone would. its much easier to sense auras in thing like vamps though, so you can feel it. but you wouldnt want to if you knew what it really was…..


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