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A psychic yell awakened me…?

I am curious about something that occured a couple days ago. I had been sleeping for a few hours when I was jolted awake by someone pounding on what sounded like a door or wall and yelling my name at the top of thier lungs. It was a male voice and sounded familiar like I had heard this voice before but I was not sure. What really surprised me was that it was in my mind that I heard this. It did not actually happen in the physical sense. My Schnauzer sleeps at the foot of the bed and he is aware of spirits as he has a certain pitch in a protective growl that I reconginze but this yelling I heard did not wake him up. He was zonked out and if this yelling had occured in the house, he MOST definitely would have woke up and started barking himself. I don’t know what to make of it, this pounding and calling of my name, other then a possible ‘getting my attention’. I am spiritual and have had attunements in Reiki and have some intuitive skills but this was a new one for me, anybody have any thoughts as to what this was or have they experienced something like this themselves… and please no smart-a** remarks… not needed… 😉 Serious thoughts only please! thanks!
thanks for the responses.. some have been laughably absurd while others have helped me think in a bigger picture.. I do like the comment about it possibly being someone I know and or a chance to help someone. I will meditate on it and allow a clear mind to help idenitfy and or work thru a possible block. thanks guys!


  1. I’ve noticed that the more spiritual I’ve become, learning about Reiki, chakras, stones, etc…that my dreams do become more vivid. I like to think that my mind is just more open and sensitive. We’re probably just experiencing a lot of suppressed thoughts and emotions!

  2. he was growling because you are tense. dogs can sense that like what they do when someone epileptic is about to have a seizure.

  3. this is not a psychic yell. beware of demons… if you come to contact with them in a practice that encourages spirits..you will most likely be encountering them…
    i warn you before it can get worse, denounce all practice that involves the occult./ parapsychology and the likes.
    God wants people to denounce practices of those sorts..lest they fall for it..and bring ruin on themselves.

  4. Sounds like an incredibly vivid dream. It could have been a spirit trying to make contact, but none of us can judge what happened, because we don’t have access to your experience, only you can really know what happened by judging the situation yourself. Incredibly vivid sounds called hynogouge something, (I’m not spelling it correctly), also could have occured, and that wouldn’t have anything to do with spirits, but those types of sounds don’t usually wake you up.

  5. I have experienced something similar a couple of times. It is hard to remember as I have so many weird experiences.
    But what you say sounds familiar to me.
    My reaction was not one of fear at all but to be thankful that such extraordinary things happen. I felt like I was in tune with something.
    Dreams are not always just dreams. Because we are in touch with our intuition then sometimes others try to contact us in our dreams.
    Try to meditate on it. Sometimes you can continue dreams on another night if you ‘program’ yourself to. If you can work out who it was but it may not be someone you know. It may be a warning or a call for help from someone. Try to meditate on it in the sense of, “Is there someone I know who needs help?” perhaps.

  6. By the given set of facts, there must be a male friend who is in trouble and calls out to you through his subconscious.
    Do try to recall the voice.
    If unsuccessful, list down those male friends who are missing from your circle, unexplainably for the period covered. By the process of logical elimination, and mystic recall, you might come down to your object of inquiry.
    Exercise caution, though.
    It might not be a case of trouble at all, but a seething hatred towards you.


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