a psychic medium told me i have 27 past lives?






do you know how many you have and please only answer if you believe in reincarnation. please respect me as i respect you thank you. how many have you had do you know?


  1. I Dont know, But I WANT To Do The Past Life Hypnosis, To see How Many AND When was These Past Lives
    27 Lifes , Lol
    You Should Be Too Old Souls (Experienced Soul) AND Wise

  2. well i believe i have seen 4 of my past lives one of which was in EGYPT when the jews were leaving it and one when i was in ww1 and the other between ww1 and 2 and the last was around 1990 i think i was an ill child…
    do you ever go to a graveyard and walk past a gravestone one in perticular or maybe a few and feel the need to cry but not for others?

  3. I have undergone Past Life Regression…it was interesting to a point, but in reality, what you see is really boring while visiting a past life. You cannot see yourself other than what you are wearing, say from chest down…it is not like looking in a mirror! I have had many, many past lives, each, I suppose, meant to teach me something in perfection of spirit. I found 3 others who traveled with me as I know them (knew them) today. I can only assume we travel together. I have NEVER been rich, never been famous…never been a king, whatever. I have always been a man. What is very interesting is that in so many cases, in this life, I instinctively knew what to do … and found in past lifes that I had a profession that enabled the knowledge I carry today. Strange, perhaps. Real, …. very. I really don’t care who thinks me nutsoid, my experieces have been very real. My lives date back to , or before, ancient Greece…that much, I do know.

  4. 27 is quite a lot. That’s pretty interesting.
    I do believe in reincarnation, but I’m not sure how many lives I’ve had. I see unfamiliar places and people in recurring dreams. Maybe it’s related to a past life.

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