A poem of mine, care to C/C?






Many times before I gave my hand,
Reaching out, but you deny.
I can’t fly,
Not like lions in the wind.
So take me to another land.
Help; I called before,
can you conjure up a spell?
Where’s your book,
a glimpse it took,
and send me deep in hell.
If I were in the pages,
which I’m not, so don’t bother me.
Flip the page, where am I?
No where, as you can see.
I’m just the misprint in life,
a mistake that doesn’t belong.
And the song you gave me once to sing,
I sung it wrong, so very wrong.
Of course I’m getting dizzy,
Whys this room feeling so hot?
As the peering eyes do shoot at me,
I wish I was, what I am not.
I’m not so casted out,
Just simply shouldn’t be here.
So wave your magic wand my friend..
Hocus pocus… I disappear.
Let me vanish under stones..
with R.I.P at the bases.
Let me wander like a ghost,
I do see familiar faces.
It’s not wrong to let me go,
for the people who noticed my grief.
I’m just haunting the book of life,
in sadness, but relief.
I was always invisible,
not that it matters to this day.
Anyway, I show my sudden claw.
And as a baby, I once did crawl.
Time awaited in the veins,
last breath,
I went insane.
The invisible me you fear,
as a little girl went crystal clear.


  1. Crystal clear
    It would appear insanity is running in my veins
    however with such clarity, I point to my remains
    high pitched and egocentrically demonic laughter cuts
    like ice, melts wet and warm my blood fills deepest ruts

    I reached my hand outstretched to yours, you
    slapped it, said pi ss off, as my lips turned blue
    you said that you were gathering, as I slipping under
    closed my sad blue eyes, accompanied by thunder

    bury me neath cherry tree, devoid of casket cold
    no wooden crate to suffer me, my evil spirit hold
    let me feed and nurture her, and every summer sing
    as after her sweet blossoms fall, succulent fruit I bring

  2. If I were in the pages,
    which I’m not, so don’t bother me.
    Flip the page, where am I?
    No where, as you can see.
    I think this may have had the most impact on me but I get it,,, in the entire piece. I wanna try Poetry with a lead from Dallas and hope I can manage here.
    Thank you for posting this.

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