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A palm reader told me I should let her align my chakra. What should I expect?

Nothing she read on my palm was false, it was actually erie how detailed she was… but as far as paying her to align my chakra… i’m not sure if thats a crock of sh*t to get more money. I’m looking for answers from people who have had this done before..


  1. Chakra exist, but she’s looking for money. When someone is ill, this is when your Chakra is out of alignment. Basically, if you have a headache, your crown chakra is out of alignment. I’m not an expert on it, but this is my basic understanding of it.

  2. Hello
    As a psychic & a healer I would never tell a client attending either a reading or healing session that they need the other.
    Be careful, it may be a way of taking your money, even is she is the real deal.


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