A meditation to clear the mind of all thoughts?






I think too much and need a method of clearing the mind of all thoughts.
I have tried meditation before bt it makes it worse, my mind goes into overdrive and I am soon filled with even more qestions and revelations, when I come out I can’t stop thinking and questioning everything I see.
Am I doing something wrong? or is there a method that quieting the mind completely?
Thank you


  1. Turn off all the lights and light ons single white candle then lay flat on the floor no pillow nothing look at the ceiling picture white light flowing out from your body and up through the ceiling and the take deep breaths close your eyes and visualize the white light surronding you and lifting you make sure your still taking deep breaths as when you feel your self become light release all your thoughts and negatives by seeing the lthe light penatrate you.

  2. “emptying yourself” by letting go of any thought that comes to mind. focus on what your eyes see with your eyes closed. focus on your breathing. once your mind starts to perceive anything & goes off into overdrive, stop yourself and let go of those thoughts. empty yourself.

  3. there is one form of meditation that i am aware of that helps you do just this, although it is pretty difficult and takes some practice. its called Transcendental Meditation, or TM for short. TM works by focusing on one sound, a repeated phrase called a mahantra, which is often nonsensical, and focusing so intently on that sound that nothing else exists. one mahantra that you could use is the word “Ima”. it doesn’t mean anything, its just a sound. repeat that word over and over again in your head and when another thought strays across your consciousness, don’t try to crush it, rather, acknowledge it and let it pass from your thoughts, returning your attention to the mental sound of your mahantra.

  4. You are probably trying to hard to clear your mind of thoughts. I had the same problem. Meditation takes practice. First, sit or lay in a position that is relaxing for you. Focus on your breathing and slowly breathe in through your nose and out your mouth while relaxing. Acknowledge your thoughts that come to mind while meditating but let them pass by without concentrating on them. Meditative music that is relaxing may also help.
    There are many ways to meditate, but they all take a little practice. Just try different ones out and see which one works best for you.

  5. I’m not gonna tell you any tricks, turn off the lights light a candle or incense and sit up and breath evenly, thats all bull dooky. I’m an emotionally and mentally distrubed person and I’ve come up with my own method for solving problems just like yours. Let it come, let every thought come to you, this is hard at first cause it can be overbearing, but once you do this find a way to vent it, I myself have gotten to the point of being able to just meditate for a few minutes and push it aside. The problem with trying to clear your thoughts is, they will always be there unless you actually give them an escape.
    P.S. Please don’t burn someones house down or anything, make it something productive, try writing those thoughts could turn into poetry or books.

  6. The point of meditation is not to clear your mind of all thoughts but to become aware of them and to not have attachment to them. To develop a useful meditation practice takes just that, practice. There is no magic fix. If there were what would be the point of practising medtiation.

  7. It’s virtually impossible to completely clear the mind the way you want. You should just accept your thoughts, let them come and let them go, don’t dwell on them, just let them pass through.
    If you try to push them away you are blocking yourself.

  8. No you are not doing anything wrong…but it something that takes a lot of practice and time. Your mind is always chattering away constantly. It takes many sessions of meditation to quieten it down.
    You could try a Vipassana Meditation course. It goes for ten days, its non religious and its free. They have centres all over the world now so there is probably one near you. Ten days may seem like a long time but its not really when you realise how long it takes for your mind to just shut up for a while. It is well worth investing your time in it if you really want to learn to meditate.

  9. The others are completely correct in saying that one just needs to develop a routine meditation practice. The mind that is in overdrive is what buddhists call monkey mind, it bounces all over the place. When one notices this state of mind, it is helpful to concentrate on the breath. By training the mind to become a “breathing mind”, one will become more still and tranquil.
    Sources that may be of some assistance:
    http://www.buddhanet.info/wbd/ – directory to help one find a local teacher for proper meditation instruction
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csyCrcpDs58 – basic overview of zen meditation
    http://www.wildmind.org/meditation – website dedicated to meditation
    http://www.urbandharma.org/udharma4/mpe.html – ebook “Mindfulness in Plain English”; beginner’s meditation manual
    http://amberstar.libsyn.com/index.php?post_category=Introduction%20to%20Meditation – intro to meditation course given via podcast.
    Hope this helps.

  10. What you are experiencing is very normal when first learning meditation. We become acutely aware of just how active and muddled and questioning our thought processes are.
    Meditation is to focus on one thing only, and wear out the activity of the normal thought process.
    If you use your breath as the object of focus, then begin by slowly counting as you draw each breath in. Continue this until you have slowly counted 10 inbreaths.
    Then start from 1 again and repeat the process. Repeat this over and over.
    You will find that, at first, you will lose track of your counting, or you will count beyond ten. That is okay. Each time you realise this, draw your mind back to the breathing and counting again.
    In the end the thought process will become worn down and you will be able to focus on your breath without interruption.
    The important part is that when a thought emerges, do not follow it. Nip it off in the bud and go back to refocusing on your breathing.
    I hope this works for you.
    It does take time to learn how to still the chatter of the mind, and everyone who has learned to meditate properly has been in this situation.
    Perseverance is the answer.

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