A little question about the third eye (tisra til)…?

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Does anyone know what does it mean to be concentrated at the third eye,the brow chakra or tisra til?I mean does it mean for example to close the eyes lovingly-intently just as in sleep and then look at the darkness that lies in front of someone or close the eyes and do nothing or close the eyes and try feeling that they are in the darkness or close the eyes and try to visualize the center of the head(brain) or what?Write down please whatever you know what does that mean…I will be waiting for your answers 😉

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The Third Eye is the one that looks within (instead of outside, like the standard pair.)


to focus all your energy in that chakra.


When you place your attention at the third eye and hold it there, all energy gathers in that shakra and begins to build with each meditation. Where attention goes, so goes soul. Generally, the visualization is of the object of the Beloved. With repeated meditations using this practice, the inner master will appear (he can only descend as low as the third eye shakra) and will reveal to you the answers that you seek.


To look inside your self/your soul?


According to Judith Anodia, PhD. the third eye is in the sixth chakra located in the center of the forehead. It is associated with Clairvoyance, intuition, & imagination. It’s element is light. “Chakras can be open or closed, excessive or deficient . These states may be basic aspects of someone’s personality throughout most of their life, or something that changes from moment to moment in response to a situation.” (pg.25 Wheels of Life) I have been using TM for several years now. It is very helpful in dealing with everyday stresses from work or just life intself. It’s helps me to deal with different situations in the right way so I may not over react to them or be pulled in. It’s a cleansing process….I feel clean on the inside out. It’s wonderful. I recommend everyone learn but with the help of an instructor till you can do it on your own.


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