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A little bit of your help =)?

Where can I find places to work or study at that focus on things like astral travel, true shamanism, studying psychic abilities, clairvoyants, Dreams, spiritual worlds, remote viewing, spirit guides, “messages from beyond”……things that are considered “out-of-this-world” or “paranormal”.
Please, I am only looking for serious answers or suggestions.
I am also looking for books, authors and such, but i’m not big on “new age-y” things (shops, authors, classes), as I am very wary of them. I would like legitimate, serious research or places.


  1. Best place is the internet or a book.
    There are a few online forums for this type of thing, and some online colleges, but they are usually full of drama, and aren’t worth it.
    I’ve learned almost everything that I know from my own personal study- mainly through reading. I’d tell you to search on some topics, and review the books online before buying- or go to a barnes & noble where you can read them a bit before you buy them.
    Also, another good place to learn is to go a local new age/metaphysical shop. Sometimes they have classes, etc. for you to attend.

  2. Check out Echo Bodines books, I liked hers a lot… Dont rush your gift though… everyone gets a mentor at the time and pace that it is supposed to happen 🙂

  3. My dear, nearly all those things you listed are very much “New Age.” So I cannot begin to advise you how to find them and stay away from them at the same time. I think you should go to Google and begin researching what they really are first. Don’t bother with Wikipedia as it is unreliable. Go straight to Google and type in each word. Look at the source before you go to it and think about whether it sounds like a reliable sort of place. If it’s a university or college, go and check it out. If it sounds like some guy who’s running this website from his basement, don’t bother.

  4. Colleen Deatsman (shamanic journeying)
    Complete Idiot’s Guide to Dream Interpretation
    Harner:The Way of the Shaman
    Ravenwolf: Angels — Companions in Magick
    WebsterSpirit Guides & Angels

  5. Many of the things you are interested in are quite different close-up. Not sure if you were only interested (‘work or study at’) in some physical location. But if you’re interested in remote viewing “and some other psychic and paranormal stuff”, you can study and share about things like that — and find a little bit of everything by a little bit of everybody — at Ten Thousand Roads Remote Viewing and Dowsing Project. You can even try remote viewing free hands-on via TKR at the Dojo Psi. Ask a friendly question at their forum and you’ll probably get a variety of help–about just about anything. Best, RC


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