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A Letter to Mr. Raj Thackeray:- ?

Good Morning Mr. Raj Thackeray! Mumbai can smile again today, as all
terrorists were gunned down and Hotel Trident Oberoi, Nariman House and
Hotel Taj have been cleared. People of Mumbai, who have been living in
panic and terror since Wednesday night, now can relax and get back to
I don’t where you were for the past 3/4 days, but I can assure you that
you can come out of your hiding now and roam freely on the street of
No, Mr. Thackeray, the credit does not go to you or MNS, who always
talked about the pride of Marathi Manoos. MNS did not save Mumbai, it
were our Army and NSG Commandos, who rescued Mumbai from these
terrorists. If I am not wrong, Major S. Unnikrishnan (Originally from
Bangalore and Officer from Bihar Regiment) and Commando Gajendra Singh
(Dehradun) were not Marathi Manoos, still they sacrificed their lives
for the safety of Mumbai.
Mr. Raj Thackeray, if you still believe that Mumbai was saved by any
Marathi Manoos, think again. The Army and NSG Commandos were not Marathi
Manoos only. They were from Bihar, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan,
Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, North East and all other parts of India. Still
they fought for the people of Maharashtra, as they consider themselves
Our braveheart martyrs Hemant Karkare (originally from Madhya Pradesh,
but had chosen Maharashtra as his ‘Karma Bhoomi’), Ashok Kamte and
Salaskar did not consider themselves ‘Marathi Manoos’. They laid down
their lives for the safety of Indians and Foreigners.
Mr. Raj, Isn’t it high time we abandon regionalism and join hands
together to work for national integration and fight the biggest menace –
terrorism together. They can’t break us if we are united. There is no
‘Marathi Manoos’ or ‘North Indian Bhaiya’, Mr. Raj Thackeray.
We all are
Indians and let’s pledge our support to the national cause. Mr.
Thackeray, Will you stop now??? I hope the good sense prevails now. Jai
Pls forward so that it reaches to that coward.
An Indian.


  1. Raj Thackery should stop working for ISI by creating distrust and violence in India. It is India which is giving him and his family food to eat, water to drink and shelter to live in. He should return all the money he received from ISI for his conduct. He should be tried for treason.

  2. It is very regretting that you people are wasting your time and energy to bring out the shame out of the people who does not have it from the scratch.
    Who is enjoying Z security provided by their “bhai-bands” in the impotent and ignorant government. Having hundreds of crores of rupees in their kitty erned from the business (hahahaha – can you believe). And we the Indians knows that these kind of people always have connections with some traitor who is sitting in the plush bungalow in Karachi or the traitor in Malayasia or etc. etc.
    Together we can, we will kick out the butts of these politicians to just talk the sense and perform or perish. And pray that the anger people of India are having is channelised positively to construct the nation, the world knows – INDIA or else the next generation will never forgive us.


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