A "Higher" level of Consciousness is where Love can come into being…???





Christ, supposedly said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”. Is it possible that we could know what we do?? I think it is possible…let me know what you think???


  1. When does a person know what they are doing:
    – they scheme, plan, orchestrate, plot to every minute
    details for one’s downfall.
    – they would stoop at nothing to achieve their desired
    end result.
    – they manipulate people/things/events solely to their
    – they have no remorse for any of their actions as long
    as they’ve achieved their mission.
    – they are calculative, deceiving, cunning, and have total consciousness of what they are doing…
    Now, can you say “Forgive them Father, for they KNOW not what they do?”

  2. If you were to measure how much we know about “what we do” by how certain we are, then I would have to say that we probably know just about everything.
    But then I would have trouble explaining how it is that we are so often discovering new things, new insights!!! Personally, I find that there always seems to be different perspectives that I had not originally considered.
    The more we know, the more we realize how little we know. If we know what we do, it is with a small “d”.
    A “higher level of consciousness” and love….I’m not sure I know what that means. Sometimes I feel it taks a lower level of consciousness. But then again, what do I know! :-).

  3. Love, imo, is an energy which is eternal, it always exists. It can either flow in and out of us freely or it can meet resistance.
    What I understand as a “higher” level of Consciousness is simply where an individual or even a group has made efforts to see exactly which addictions we have and how these addictions cause us to bring resistance or blockages to the flow of the above energy. In other words it is where one knows oneself, the more the “higher”.
    These addictions are often simple thoughts and the emotions which result from the thoughts, but which have been repeated enought times to become a belief. At first no harm is really done. Whether it is a negative or a positive event does not matter, but some “pleasure” or “good feeling” usually will result and this is the key to the addiction. We are pleasure seeking creatures even though we allow pain and suffering to be what we for some reason get our pleasure from. It has a lot to do with the programming and this is based on the same process. It can be said that we are then addicted to those thoughts. If someone agrees with us, we feel pleasure. When we express those thoughts (exactly like what I am doing now) , I feel good because my program says that I may be helping my fellow man and EVERYONE knows that this is GOOD, right? Well it is simply my addiction. Once I know it, I can short-circuit this pleasure or the lack of it. Now I “consciously” allow the pleasure to build upon itself or I decide the contrary, to switch to another thought, one which I decide is better for me to be addicted to. Either way there either will exist a new addiction or an old one will get more energy and will grow. This is conscious decision-making and therefore “higher”. This also presupposes that nobody who is truly conscious will intentionally choose to make those efforts to anyone’s detriment, what some choose to identify as “evil”., but that is another question. Cheers!

  4. I think most of the time in life we have a tendency to run on auto-pilot. There’s nothing wrong with that for awhile, but just like with a real plane if you don’t take over the controls soon, before long you will come crashing down to the ground. I think it is important for us constantly remind ourselves to be mindful of our thoughts and actions. It brings us back to living in the moment and brings us back our true center…Love.

  5. I absolutely agree with you we can know what we are doing.
    Masters and teachers say we ARE the “high” level of consciousness, we ARE love, we ARE the light right now, but we almost always don’t believe so.
    I DO believe you are the greatest love and light,
    I believe I am love and light,
    even I don’t aware of it for 23 hours 59 minutes everyday..^.^

  6. Our Consciousness guides our thoughts and it is out thoughts which guide our actions.
    Our thoughts then are guided by the conditions within our Consciousness, there are many such conditions. The condition of a “Self” which causes selfishness, the condition of permanence which clouds our perceptions of our reality which is impermanent, the condition of superiority over others which makes us think that we are better than others. There are many…
    These conditions then guide the way we think and is a learned phenomenon. They can therefore be unlearned. Doing so releases our consciousness from the binding conditions which make us act the way we do, freeing up our perceptions so that what we see and what we perceive are no longer at odds, for example, we see impermanence yet we perceive permanence.
    The “Self” part of the consciousness perceives “self” as more important than “others” meaning that this part of us makes us think of ourselves and our point of view in the first instance instead of seeing others and their point of view in the first instance.
    Releasing this “Self” allows for the inclusion of others as opposed to their exclusion.
    It is therefore very possible to know “What we do”. To Buddhists this is precisely “What we do”. When Buddhists practise the release of “Self” this release allows for the choice of selfless action, without releasing “self” then this is not possible. The Lord Buddha has warned in the Suttas that “When “Self” arises in the consciousness, suffering soon follows”, releasing “self” releases the consequences of “self”. Allowing for “self lessness”. What is the true nature of selflessness…? Why… it is Love…
    Peace from a Buddhist…

  7. What love ‘looks’ like changes continuously as individual consciousness evolves. To some, love looks like need fulfillment. To others, it takes the form of expression of kindness and compassion.
    All relationship is the search for love outside the self, and there is a point at which love is found to be sourced from within rather than found outside. At this ‘level’ of consciousness, love ceases to be a dualistic concept but rather a non dualistic quality of being, merely reflected in ‘other’.
    At the level of Christ consciousness, Love takes on an unconditional quality of Love of Self for Self in the unicity of Oneness, which I can’t speak to.

  8. There is no need to forgive someone if you do not think they ‘sinned’. If you think of ‘sins’ as mistakes to be corrected instead of ‘evils’ to be punished and you think of all mistakes as cries for love, then you wait for the child to see the error of his ways. A loving, patient parent redirects, encourages loving behavior in a child by setting an example, as I imagine Christ did. I think he saw people as frightened children, needing comfort, love, trust. We know not what we do when acting out of fear. How can we learn anything about Divinity when in a constant state of panic? Trust in the power of Love and we will see the error of our ways.

  9. He simpply ment that a person may do somethig, because its their job o, inpulsee and not think what may happen
    in the future.

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