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A good book on the subject of the change in consciousness when apes became men?

I’d appreciate some courtesy from the religious in not presenting their opinions or suggestions here, thanks. I am curious to learn about theories and speculation on the evolution of ‘thought’.


  1. look up the Bicameral Mind, there is one book called The Origins of Consciousness by Julian Jaynes that speaks on the topic. Just be very critical of some of the stuff he presents, it’s a bit out there. Open to critical thought though, so I’d recommend it.

  2. Mookie, what is your problem? This is exactly the place for this person to ask this q; the q is not wrong nor bad, and your answer is mean and insulting. Why would you do that to this person, the very point of Yahoo Answers is to GET ASWERS! When one speaks to others in old, worn out cliches’ such as
    ‘get a life’, you are revealed as the nimrod you are.
    Please dont come here if you dont want to be helpful.

  3. So far I know apes and men didn’t come from each other but from the same origin. You ask for books ? Do you know those written by Jane Goodall or Desmond Morris ?


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