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A girl I know claims to see auras…?

A girl that owns a horse in the same barn as me told me she can see auras. She told me she saw red aura around my horse’s back leg. I was curious because he had actually been acting slightly lame the past week, so I got him checked by a vet. Turned out he was lame, and his back leg is hurt. The girl had no idea that he had been acting somewhat hurt…are auras real???


  1. Steer clear of people that believe in Satan.
    Other than that,… pure coincidence.
    There are no such things as “auras”.
    (see Phoenix’s answer.)

  2. Auras are real. They are our light body. Reading auras tells us what is right or wrong about us. Everything that is alive has an aura. Plants, trees, animals, us. It isn’t hard to learn to see them. It isn’t magic or anything evil like fireball says. If that’s really her. More dumb@$$ than usual, so I doubt it. Kirilian photography proves there are auras, people. Educate yourselves before making spectacles of yourselves, please.

  3. Hmmm, which is more likely…that a girl who OWNS a HORSE in a BARN might have noticed something in your horse’s bearing or movement that indicated an injury, OR that she has magic powers?

  4. depends on who you ask…auras are something that some people claim to see, and you can’t really measure human experience in a scientific way….James Randi did some less than scientific research and found that aura readers were only correct the statistical amount to be attributed to chance.
    I know you can feel someone before they touch you if you ever played that weird game where you close your eyes and someone tries to get as close as they can without making contact….is that your aura? Who knows….if I were you I would talk to this barnyard lady some more and try to understand her experience, then decide for yourself if she is genuine or not.

  5. Auras are a manifistation of the energy we contain within ourselves. Those that can see them can often pinpoint injury based on the energy release. I do this all the time to the shock and awe of friends.

  6. No, auras are not real.
    Nor is your friend satanic. It is possible your friend is synesthetic. Only lazy people jump to explain things in mystical terms. Other answer that this person is satanic is exactly why mysticism leads to violence.

  7. You should believe her. Seeing auras is a gift. I can see them too. And also seeing auras is not satanic. If you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible.


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