A girl at my work thinks a witch was trying to kill her?

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A lady at my work use to live in Honduras and truly believes a witch was casting spells on her. Her stories seemed as though they could be real I guess but how true can they be. I mean there are religions that are into that. How does it all work?

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it can be real because their is witches in real life.


Its really what people believe in. for example, you might think all those things she said were fake but some one else might believe her as they have common thinking. some people like to go with what they don’t see they don’t believe. But you can’t see air but you still know its there. there is no right or wrong really. its more like whats more pleasing to you!


Absolutely possible. Witchcraft does work, but not if you have the power to defend against it. God’s people, who have received the Spirit aren’t vunerable to these attacks. People experienced in magic can build defenses. The rest of the popualtion must suffer attacks or seek help from a witch or exorcist. If you have stories to share please join my group on Yahoo http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cpr-t or read my article for info on angels and demons http://hubpages.com/hub/Spirits-in-Our-Material-World

SP Aiken

Well, technically it CAN happen-the question is will they actually work on her…You know you are what you believe and if you believe that something will happen bad enough then it just might. In Wicca there is the law of karma though so this witch would have to face that she or he would have bad karma afterwords.

Tim M

Witchcraft and Wicca are very real and is very much practiced today. Several cultures in different areas of the world have variations on Witchcraft or a wiccan type practice though it is more commonly practiced Scotland ,Ireland and America. It is more of a practice that is connected to the earth and for the most part is not all dark and gloomy as books and film depict it to be. There are spells can be cast upon individuals but those spells do have repercussions. If they wish ill on someone or cast a negative spell on someone it can come back on to them.I would convey to your co-worker to read up on witchcraft and wicca.Just because someone is from a different country and culture does not mean they are involved in this type of practice. Take care.


Well, for Wiccans (sometimes called witches) they use special plants and herbs to make potions and such for spells, such as ones for money, love, luck, etc. They also use nature to help them and they believe in the Triple Goddess, which represents the maiden, the mother, and the crone, and some believe in the Horned God. Though the strange thing is, is that they usually only cast good spells, since the Goddess dislikes all conflict; they’re peacemakers, and they believe for each wrong you do, a bad thing will happen. Often if they use it for bad things they’ll be put on what is called a Warlock where they can’t use any spells. They believe that silver can wore off bad spells, so maybe she should try wearing silver?


OOps I’m busted.

Intuitive Witch

We live every day by a law that says we can do NO harm to ANYONE for ANY reason!

First Nameno Dammit

To put it simply, magic works by power of the will. It sways probabilities in the favor of the caster’s desired outcome.
Keep in mind, in some places in the world, witchcraft is still taken very, very seriously.


A lot of modern witches believe in the law of three, that anything you give out with come back to you on three levels (physically, emotionally/mentally and spiritually). A little misfortune for some petty vengeance spells might by worth it, but willing someone dead? The spiritual ramifications of that, if it were possible, would be huge.
Really, magic(k) falls down to whether the caster and target believes in it. I could tell you that I believe that it is a fundamental force, an undercurrent energy flowing through every thing in creation, and that it can be subtly influenced to create real changes in the world, but if you don’t believe it’s possible, then you won’t see any changes if there are any and won’t attach power to insignificant details if there aren’t.
Also, I tend to believe that witchcraft falls entirely down to willpower. If you’re casting spells on someone, it becomes literally a battle of wills. Someone with a weaker personality will crumble under the idea of being targeted in such a way, whereas a stronger personality will just brush it off.
If your friend believes in magic, tell her that as long as she believes in her own strength, and the protective strength of those who love and wish her well, there is very little this other person can do to her and if she is worried just to do some simple chants, light some white candles, wear a pentagram or other symbol of protection and hope (such as a cross, whatever appeals), and to cast her fear away. It’s simple light against dark. I believe this person’s pathetic spiritual attacks can only harm her if she lets them.


I practice magick, and yes there are witches and it is real – BUT – there are also paranoid people who think that someone is out to get them. I don’t know any witches or magicians who would cast those kinds of spells. I am sure someone out there does. But I am equally sure there are neurotic paranoid people who think someone is hexing them when it’s not true.
What was the (alleged) witch’s motivations for casting a spell on your friend?

Holly J

yea there are witches in real life. doing witchcraft takes practice and it really hard doing it. i did a couple of spells just good ones they work.


People from places where folk culture is still strong maintain strong beliefs in magic and superstition–and if they are from Christian folk cultures, they may strongly believe in magic, particularly the belief that “evil” witches and spirits exist.Such people are always on guard, feeling that spells are being cast against them, and also (ironically) practice magic to counteract the magic they feel is being launched against them. The magic is usually a mix of folksy Christian piety with superstitious magic. This sort of culture is very common in Latin American and many places in the Third World and more rural places in Europe and America.
That said, the idea of “witch” and “witchcraft” radically changed in the US and Europe in the 19th century in that people with an interest in folk culture, magic, and Earth-based spirituality began to call themselves witches and begin the modern Pagan movement. These wtiches are very different from your Hondurean coworkers idea of a witch.


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