Home Discussion Forum A friend recited some erotic poetry to me that included my name?

A friend recited some erotic poetry to me that included my name?

It was so intense, but I have no idea how to respond. I definitely do not have the skills to respond in kind, especially to something that was personalized off the top of his head.
Anyone have any suggestions on a reply. PLEASE NO porno reply words, condescending tones or negative auras. Thank you in advance serious responders.
PDX,yes, it was extremely sexy! I enjoyed it to the max because he personalized it. That took some thought. He is a platonic friend and knows that use of words in most context really excite me, not necessarily in a sexual way. He also is into words and have a BA in English. I want to respond due to my passion for the use of words! I just need some pointers to help me respond. This is all in fun! We have no problems in our relationship. I write well, also, just never written an erotic poem. It is all new to me. Someone have a “roses are red, violets are blue” that’s up a notch poem, cuz that’s all I got. LOL!


  1. WOW! Thats so sexy! You will definitely need to sit down and do some reading, and maybe come up with some poetry of your own. But if you can’t picture yourself doing poetry, maybe try some type of erotic story line…. maybe you can leave it open for him to finish… That could be VERY Fun! :0) Good Luck and have fun with it! Dont be shy! Just write it out as it comes….

  2. Respond in another way. What do you have equivalent skills in? (I so don’t mean that as suggestively as it sounds). If theres some other kind of art you’re good at respond with that.

  3. I don’t understand why you feel the need to respond. This came out of his head, not yours. To feel that you need to respond, I speculate, is problematic. It speaks to the relationship. Possibly this erotic poetry that includes you indicates something in the relationship on his end, not yours. If you are comfortable with his end, ok. If you are not comfortable responding, that’s ok too. If you feel pressed to reply I think it might be “out of balance.”


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