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a few questions about Paganism/Wicca?

I have a few questions.
Can an altar be a specific part of your room, a desk, or does it have to be a whole separate room?
Where can i learn new spells/rituals besides joining a coven? I’m too young and nobody would accept me into theirs.
Does your book of shadows have to be a certain way to be a book of shadows, or can it be anything you want it to be?
thanks (:


  1. Learn to control your mind.
    Everything else is decoration.
    Altar can be a can of lemonade.
    You can learn rituals over the net or from books.
    I store results from my mind alteration attempts on my computer.

  2. certain traditions have specific rules on how to do things, but in general there is ample room as a solitary practitioner to find what works best for you – it’s even encouraged. Many would say that the philosophy is more important than the format.
    there are plenty of books and websites to help you get started. witchvox is a popular one.

  3. your altar can be as little or as small as you want it to be. i think if its just part of a room its suppose to be in the North side though….
    books, online, talking to other wiccans etc.and age doesnt always restrict you from a coven- you may just need parental consent
    anything you want

  4. An altar can be made from anything from an entire room, to a window sill.
    Studying the basics of spells and what they are will help you to learn spell work. There are lots of books out there (even at the library), as well as numerous reputable web sites.
    A book of shadows is a personal book. It contains everything YOU deem important as a Wiccan/Witch

  5. If you don’t even know if you’re interested in Wicca or some specific branch of paganism, you shouldn’t be worrying about covens and altars. Figure out what you believe first. If you built an altar, who on earth would you be dedicating it to? What would you do with it?
    An altar can be whatever you want. You also don’t need one.
    Wicca is not about spells. Neither is most of paganism.
    Your Book of Shadows should be useful to you.
    Honestly, you sound more like you want to look pagan than be pagan.

  6. Yup can be a desk, shelf, room, some people keep things in a box/trunk then set it up as needed, some have one in every room (small tables) Some their entire homes are their altars, it’s all on you and what you enjoy and believe. Don’t go by others book of shadows either, make your altar your own!
    Book of shadows is your own notes and your own researches, it’s your own, have one for the kitchen, have one for your studies, have one for things you do, or add everything into one, it’s yours no body else!!

  7. Hi Ashley
    It’s good that you ask questions, it’s how we grow. Your alter can be any area large enough to set up your tools. You can learn spells and much more about this path at: http://www.witchschool.com . There is a class called “Living the Wiccan Life” that is very good. They will in fact accept you as a student and the class is free. Other helpful information may be found at: http://www.churchofthecircle.com .
    Sincere Blessings,
    Rev. Bruce Richards
    Priest and Mentor of the Correllian Tradition of Wicca

  8. An altar can be anything you want. You don’t need a room for an altar and few have that luxury.
    Don’t worry about learning spells. Learn the religion first. Get back to magic in a year or two, and that begins with mental preparation (meditation) and study for a few months.
    A “Book of Shadows” is a fancy term for a spiritual joural. Make it whatever you want it to be.


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