can figure this out i have tried but i have no idea

A farmer’s field is a square 188 yd on each side. What is the radius of the largest crop circle which can be made in the field?


  • Since it’s a square, you can just divide the side by 2 to get the radius of the largest circle that can be completely in the square.

    188/2 = 94 yards is the radius.

    Remember that in any rhombus, the largest circle that can be drawn inside is the incircle or a circle that touches all the sides of the quadrilateral. No other quadrilateral other than rhombus can have an incircle.

  • thats damn easy
    remember its just length divided by 2 if u face another such question in future

  • If it is a square with side equal to 188 yd, then the diameter of the biggest circle is 188 yd or radius of 94 yd.

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