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A different view on death?

I’ll begin this by saying I was tripping on DMT. I’ve had many different experiences on this psychedelic before but this one was one of my favorites.
I saw the reason behind what kept me going everyday. I tried to understand the concept of why I wouldn’t be able to commit suicide before but all it led to was me not having enough balls. This was really different…I broke the thing down to it’s core and all I saw was all the things we live for. Just looking forward to something since childhood has got us hypnotized in this idea to never give in to death. Looking forward to finishing school, then finishing college, getting a good job, falling in love on the way, and growing old with that special someone. Whatever it may be… it sort of makes death unquestionable. Also looking forward to spiritual awakening or waiting for the coming of the messiah. whatever your beliefs may be.. it’s all part of that looking forward concept.
I’m tired of people thinking I wanted to die because I’m sad or life is too horrible. That’s not it at all. Life is amazing and I feel great. Dying would be a thing of beauty.. I was tripping about the different creative ways I could die.. It’s pretty sad that I needed to use a substance to get to an idea like this. In conclusion, all I’m saying is why does death have to be a sad thing. I’d probably commit suicide if I was the happiest man in the world. Opinions please
I sometimes think I broke my brain 😀


  1. i guess so can say we are ‘programmed’ into believe death is a horrible scarey thing the same way were programmed into thinking hell is all fire-y
    but the old civilizations like the egyptians though death as something beautiful and glorious, i mean people were buried in GOLD surried by DIAMONDS! obviously they knew something we dont

  2. well i dont really have any idea what your talking about.lol….but i dont necessarily think death is a bad thing either…i think it puts alot of people at peace and i think many people earn respect from death….look at marilyn monroe or kurt cobain, among many others.i dont think just because you havent lived a full life or jsut because your not dying from old age, that means your dying a miserable death. i think death can be a good thing, i think i can see where your coming from…. 🙂

  3. Why don’t we all just kill ourselves since we aren’t dieing fast enough. I see death a sad thing for the ones I will be leaving behind. They are the ones who will be suffering my lose. I don’t fear death, but at this point in time (in college) its not something I would necessarily want.
    How do you know death would be a thing of beauty? From my pov its not better than being alive here on Earth, and why rush these things. We all die soon enough. So I take it you’re no longer looking forward. The last thing and most important is suicide isn’t taken lightly by the other side from my pov.

  4. I know that I for one, don’t want to die of old age, with my bones breaking and my mind turning to mush. But I also think death is the ultimate of not being. I think the only reason death is hard to imagine is because obviously none of us have died. It’s sort of a horrible greed for knowledge, about what it is, and at the same time, fear of what it is as well. Idk, death is a very strange thing.

  5. You did break your brain, sweetie. Every conclusion you came up with during your DMT trip was filtered through the drug. Look at it this way. You know you are eventually going to die anyway. It’s part of the human condition. If you believe “life is amazing and I feel great,” then enjoy your life to the fullest (I’d lay off the DMT, though) and look forward to enjoying your eventual death. Why rush it, when you find life so amazing right now?

  6. Man DMT is some crazy stuff, Do you smoke it or take it as ayahuasca? If you smoke, try it with some home-brewd MAOI containing drink (like Caapi or harmala) for 30 minutes of insane full blown trippin, you will come out of it as a new person. smoke once you feel the effects of the MAOI kicking in.
    I have pondered over so many things while taking DMT, from the existence of other realms, to the meaning of god, and what the hell I’m doing hear on earth. It can truly show you answers not possible with religion or every day experience. I think psychedelics are tools we can use to help us understand life’s mysteries such as death.
    I don’t think death should be “a sad thing” in fact it makes life more interesting for me. Knowing that there is something greater beyond our current existence excites me. Imagine if we lived forever, we would be trapped in this futile existence, just living for no apparent reason; that seems hellish boring to me.
    Why do you think you broke your brain? DMT like other psychedelics resemble normal brain nurotransmitters, it’s just a way to see things differently.
    Keep using that third eye!


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