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A different intelligent design?

Let’s imagine that as the big bang occurred, instead of vast amounts of hydrogen being created, our universe was filled with helium. This would create a completely different universe, one unable to sustain life as we know it.
However, due to evolution, a different sort of life was created (of course this is a stretch, but the rest of existence has been fundamentally changed). This life evolved, until it reached the same level of consciousness as us humans have, and started to believe in a creator.
Would they argue that god created the universe as he did to support that form of life? The world would be fundamentally different, due to a cosmic accident, but they couldn’t know of the possibility of this reality’s existence, so they would assume that their world couldn’t possibly be an accident.
Note: This question is a theological, not scientific, question. It’s a hypothetical, so approach it as such.
J., I like Dawkins’ analogy far better. Mine’s so messy.
I thought I was being original XD


  1. Love it.
    If they were anything like early unscientific humans they would definitely argue that the universe was created sole for their type of existence.
    What most of us as humans haven’t come to grips with yet, is the shear size of our universe, and the incredible opportunities that exist for extra human life to exist.
    On our planet alone, we are just one of a billion species of life. Our planet is 1 of 8-9 that orbit our one sun. Our sun is 1 of 150Billion that exist in our galaxy that is one of Trillions. (there are more galaxies than grains of sand on the earth, wrap your head around that one, its awesome)
    Life almost HAS to exist elsewhere in the universe, and that means the universe was NOT created for humanity.

  2. It’s absurd to even suggest a god created THIS universe to support life. The universe, from what we’ve observed so far is generally very hostile to the formation of life of any kind.
    Would the people in your hypothetical universe all talk with funny helium voices?

  3. I think Dawkins supported this when he said we’re like a puddle believing that the dip in the ground must have been made for it, because it fits perfectly.
    Theoretically, yes.

  4. Probably – if they developed in a similar manner to us.
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein.

  5. Whatever intelligent life evolved would still be afraid of thunder and lightning and might come to think there was something in the sky making all of that noise. It would eventually evolve to where the most intelligent ones would come to realize that there is nothing there.

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